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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Analysis of technologies for building an automated system "Smart Home"

    One of the topics of automation and monitoring that is gaining popularity is the technology of building the Smart Home system. This technology is a home automation system, which refers to the remote monitoring and control of home appliances. With the growth of the Internet and the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and cloud technologies, there is great potential and opportunity for remote access, control and monitoring of network devices. This article will review various smart home automation systems and technologies in terms of different functions. In the study, the main focus is on the concept of a home automation system in which control and monitoring operations are carried out using wireless communications.

    Keywords: internet of things, smart home, NB-IoT automation, cyber security

  • Analysis of characteristics and functionality of IoT devices

    The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) allows devices to communicate with each other and share resources using the Internet as a wireless medium. In smart homes, IoT allows the owner, who is far from home, to control it via the Internet. The ease of use and rich features of home automation systems have made them popular. Some people need home automation systems to make their home appliances easier and more convenient to operate, and they are also very useful for people with disabilities and the elderly. However, the useful features and functionality of IoT devices do not stop there. Scientific directions are being formed to analyze the efficiency of energy consumption and methods for preventing various disasters, where the main role is played by the technologies of the Internet of things. This article analyzes the standard models of smart home automation devices. The paper discusses the functionality of IoT devices through a virtual environment for building network models Cisco Packet Tracer.

    Keywords: internet of things, IoT, automation, data analysis, data collection, cyber security

  • Technical expertise: Identification of hazardous production facilities

    Issues of carrying out the identification of hazardous production facilities are discussed. On a real example of a survey of a warehouse of combustible substances, the implementation of a technical expertise with a conclusion drawn up on its results is illustrated. The article was written on the basis of the completed research work No. 22-78.

    Keywords: hazardous production facility, identification, technical expertise, industrial safety, building structures

  • Analysis of methods for determining the center of gravity of an aircraft during various flight modes

    Methods for determining the position of the center of gravity and the static stability margin of an aircraft in flight are considered. Based on the analysis of the motion of an aircraft as a rigid body, possible methods for determining the position of the center of gravity are determined and their errors are calculated. Comparison of the errors of various methods made it possible to conclude that it is expedient to use a method based on the use of information on the fuel reserve.

    Keywords: center of gravity, moments of inertia of the aircraft, free vibrations, fuel consumption

  • The use of technology for the construction of buildings by the method of lifting floors, as a prospect for high-speed construction

    The article compares the technologies of methods of building construction in a short time, shows the advantages and disadvantages. A summary table of comparative characteristics of building construction technologies has been formed, the terms of construction of one floor for each method and the limitations of its application have been determined.

    Keywords: method of lifting floors and floors, construction technology, monolithic, large-block, frame, volumetric-modular, contour, advantages, disadvantages

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Method for constructing a profile of a complex technical system functioning

    In the modern world, the number of different complex technical systems is only increasing every year, and any system incorporates or uses a third-party communication system. Disruption of the communication system and its elements functioning can lead to a situation where a complex technical system cannot realize its functions. It is required to ensure the guaranteed functioning of the communication system and its elements. One of the ways to ensure the stable operation of complex technical systems is the implementation of the control function by the control system, while in the process of system operation it is necessary to take into account not the characteristics and parameters of individual elements that describe their operation, but the ability of the system to perform tasks and functions. The paper proposes an approach to describing the functioning of a communication system through the formation of the system functioning profile, which is a set of matrices, which is used in the control system.

    Keywords: functional stability, criticality, communication system, control system, complex technical system, functions, tasks, profile, regulations

  • Universal power supply with digital system for monitoring the parameters of the galvanic environment

    This paper describes the results of modeling thermal processes and air flows occurring in a universal power source (UPS) with a digital control system for output parameters under given operating conditions. The UIP is intended for scientific research in the field of electrochemical copper deposition in order to form through and via holes in printed circuit boards, three-dimensional microassemblies, metallization of epoxy resins, and organic materials. The article discusses the features of the development of a universal power source, presents the key results of the design and study of the thermodynamic characteristics of a prototype sample.

    Keywords: universal power supply, microcontroller, computer aided design, printed circuit board, efficiency factor, computational fluid dynamics, mechanical computer aided design, electrical computer aided design, design rule checking, finite element method

  • Simulation of the implementation of a computer attack with an increase in the privileges of the user of the electronic document management system

    The work is devoted to the problems of protecting the document management system of public administration bodies. The aim of the work is to build a simulation model of the implementation of a targeted computer attack, taking into account the simultaneous (occurring with a slight delay) response of the security tools of the document management system. For modeling, it is proposed to use the apparatus of Petri-Markov networks, combining the representation of the change of states of the attacked system in the form of Markov (semi-Markov) processes and the expressive capabilities of Petri nets to describe the interaction of processes. The constructed model reflects both the specifics of attacks with increased user privileges, and the features of document processing processes, as well as the mechanisms used to counteract unauthorized access. Computational experiments conducted using the constructed simulation model allow us to assess possible risks and make a decision on choosing the most effective system of protection against the considered type of attacks.

    Keywords: electronic document management system, computer attack, simulation modeling, Petri-Markov network

  • Approach to the design of technical means of technological processes

    The paper presents a study of the problems of organizing the process of designing technical means that are involved in the technological process of production by enterprises. Under the technical means it is proposed to understand both software, hardware, and software and hardware solutions. The main problem is identified - the discrepancy between the functionality of technical means and the technological process. In this regard, a study is being made of the processes of linking the technological process of output of enterprises with the processes of designing and developing technical means. From the results of the study, it was determined that the models of the functional of technical means are constructed by developers, and not by actors. Such models are formally presented not as a description of the procedures for performing the functions of a technological process by actors, but as a model of how the functions of future technical means will be used by actors. The necessity is substantiated and a hypothesis is put forward about the possibility of solving the indicated problem.

    Keywords: technological process, actor, developer, functions of the technological process, procedures for performing functions, a model for the formation of a need for a technical means, a model for the use of technical means

  • Influence of direction of gas swirler channels on plasma flow parameters

    The article solves the problem of determining the influence of the use of gas swirlers with various options for combining the direction of the channels on the velocity and temperature of the plasma flow. A comparative analysis of the use of gas swirlers with channels that are directed in one direction and in the opposite direction is carried out. The problem was solved by conducting a computer experiment by the finite element method using the SolidWorks software package. The results of the calculation experiment were verified by conducting a full-scale experiment using an experimental plasma installation, which is used to obtain powder, apply coatings and modify product surfaces, taking into account its design features. Recommendations for the conduct of these processes are proposed. The results are of practical use for developers and consumers of process equipment. In the case of using gas swirlers in which the channels are directed in one direction, the temperature and velocity of the plasma flow are higher than in the case in which the channels are directed in opposite directions. For the coating process, it is recommended to use the option of orienting the channels of gas swirlers in one direction, since the highest values of the velocity and temperature of the plasma flow are achieved, which favorably affect the properties of the applied coatings. For the production process of powders, it is recommended to use the option of orienting the channels of gas swirlers directed in opposite directions, since a lower plasma flow velocity is important for this process, which has a positive effect on reducing the dimensions of the installation and spheroidization of powder particles. For the surface modification process, the results of the study can be used to determine the rational position of the treated surface.

    Keywords: mathematical model, plasma flow, temperature, speed, gas swirler, plasma method, powder production, coating, surface modification

  • Using Genetic Algorithms to Increase the Learning Rate of Neural Networks

    Investigation of ways to accelerate the training of neural networks using genetic algorithms and the study of the dependence of the speed of genetic algorithms on the mutation rate. In this study, a program was implemented on the Unity graphics platform using genetic algorithms and mutations to determine their optimal coefficient. The experiment showed that the learning rate really depends on the mutation rate, and the highest learning rate was obtained at 5-7,5%.

    Keywords: machine learning, deep learning, genetic algorithm, optimization, neural network, artificial neuron, mutation, artificial intelligence, non-player character, optimization

  • Decision support for choosing a strategy in the digital technology market

    The work is devoted to the problems of strategic planning in the digital technology market. The aim of the work is to build a decision support procedure for choosing a strategy, based on internal (related to the characteristics of the firm choosing the strategy) and external (conditioned by the state of the market) factors. It is assumed that the elementary strategy is described by the type, direction and applied area of activity. In this case, the possibility of combining several elementary strategies is considered. The main result of the work is a procedure for choosing a combined strategy based on the application of a genetic algorithm. The use of the methodological apparatus of evolutionary calculations is due to the large number of possible options for combined strategies and the complexity of their evaluation, which makes a complete enumeration of options impractical. The final choice is made by the decision maker based on their own preferences.

    Keywords: IT market, decision support, genetic algorithm

  • Tools for solving problems of recognition and clustering of data from documents using machine learning methods

    The article describes the possibilities, advantages and differences of machine learning systems without a teacher from template learning. The definition of clustering is also given, indicating the main methods and tasks solved by this machine learning algorithm. The algorithm for recognizing data from documents using OCR technology is described in detail, the goals and objectives of using OCR technology in the business processes of IT companies are formed. The following are tools for solving the problem of recognizing and clustering data from PDF document scans using the Nanonets and Tesseract machine learning libraries. In conclusion, this article describes the advantages and disadvantages of using these libraries in solving the problem of recognizing and clustering data from document scans.

    Keywords: machine learning, clustering, data recognition, library Nanonets, library Tesseract

  • Development of a self-learning companion bot with the ability to calculate an arithmetic expression

    The algorithm and code listing of the developed self-learning chatbot are presented. Able to maintain a conversation with the user, switch to training mode in the absence of the necessary information, analyze the context of the conversation for "forbidden" words. The Trim function is used, which removes extraneous characters represented in the tr property. And also an additional option "Solve arithmetic problems" is implemented in case of a request from the user. When implementing the latter option, a recursive descent algorithm based on three nested recursive functions was used, while the binary tree is filled in. A function has been developed to divide the incoming string into tokens. The chatbot code is developed in C++/C# based on the principles of object-oriented programming with the development of classes.

    Keywords: artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice assistant chatbot, learning mode, tokens, recursive descent, binary tree

  • Methods of optimal resource management when carrying out work to improve the reliability of the departmental information infrastructure

    The paper considers the process of repair and maintenance of server equipment used for the formation of departmental information infrastructure. The process of performing repair work on multiple servers is described using the theory of queuing. The problem of optimal reliability management of server equipment is formulated, taking into account the limitations on the resources used. The necessary optimality conditions for the problem in the form of the Pontryagin maximum principle are obtained. The boundary value problem of the maximum principle is given. In order to obtain an algorithm for constructing an approximate solution by gradient methods, the problem is reduced to a discrete optimal control problem, for which a wide range of numerical methods is available.

    Keywords: information infrastructure, server equipment, reliability, optimal management, necessary conditions of optimality, the principle of maximum

  • Formulation and solution of the optimization problem of choosing the priority of modernization of thermal points

    The main criteria for evaluating the efficiency of operation of heating networks and points are considered, and the task of their modernization through the reconstruction and introduction of digital technologies is set. The following criteria were selected as evaluation criteria: reliability criterion - integral shortage undersupply of thermal energy, thermal energy quality criterion - pressure losses, economic efficiency criterion - technological heat losses in the network, physical condition criterion - network wear coefficient. The parameters of the existing heating network of the district boiler house No. 1111 in Volgograd were analyzed. Using a multicriteria model, taking into account the uncertainty of heat loads, using a multiplicative criterion, the optimal variant of the order of reconstruction and modernization of network sections and heat points was obtained. A mathematical model of the fuzzy set of the decision efficiency criterion is considered, and the modal value of the functional is determined using an algorithm written in the Python language.

    Keywords: modernization, criteria for evaluating the efficiency of operation of thermal networks, methods for evaluating decision-making, multi-criteria optimization, criterion for the effectiveness of decision-making, fuzzy set, triangular fuzzy number

  • Application of microprocessors for automation of diagnostics and technical condition control of tunneling machines

    The method of automated diagnostics and control of the technical condition of the electric drive of mining machines, which consists in monitoring the current with subsequent spectral analysis of the received signal, is considered. It allows using the ATmega16 microcontroller to determine with sufficient accuracy the current technical state of the electric drive elements. The aim of the work is to prove the possibility and justify the effectiveness of the use of microprocessor technology in the mining industry to automate the diagnosis of machinery units. The adequacy of the developed methodology for determining the identification frequencies is confirmed by experimental data in the low-frequency region of the spectrum. The conclusion of this article is that a comparative analysis of the calculated and experimentally obtained amplitude-frequency characteristics of individual components of the drive motor and elements of the transmission of the executing body of the KP21 tunnelling machine has confirmed their adequacy.

    Keywords: electric drive of a tunneling machine, automated diagnostics and control, current monitoring, spectral analysis, increased reliability of tunneling equipment

  • Inventory Management Model in the Construction Industry Based on Markov Stochastic Processes

    The paper considers a mathematical model that evaluates the probability of having resources at construction sites in the coming periods of time. The model is based on Markov random processes of death and reproduction. A qualitative analysis of the availability of resources for a period from 1 to 7 time periods was carried out and recommendations were given for effective inventory management at construction sites.

    Keywords: construction, resources, management, reserves, mathematical modeling, probability, event flows, Markov random processes, death and reproduction processes

  • Application of neural network approaches for segmentation of geospatial images in solving problems of managing territorial districts

    Background. The solution of design problems in the field of territorial systems management is based on the need for automated analysis of large arrays of geospatial data, including space imagery materials. The purpose of the article is to study and develop effective methods for the semantic segmentation of images containing geospatial data. Methods and materials. The paper studies and uses methods and algorithms for increasing the accuracy and speed of the neural network of the U-Net architecture. Results. Comprehensive studies have been carried out on configuring the U-Net convolutional neural network, in particular, image restoration by nearest neighbor interpolation, adding thinning layers to the architecture. Conclusions. The presented approaches for configuring the U-Net neural network made it possible to increase the accuracy of recognition by the Jaccard metric by 2-3% and increase the speed by 2 times.

    Keywords: artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, convolutional neural networks, u-net, semantic segmentation, pattern recognition, geospatial data

  • A new approach to security model construction of electronic document management

    The article confirms the need for a systematic approach to the scientific justification of the electronic document management systems security(EDMS) and the relevance of the study, presents the results of the analysis of guidance documents regarding the development of mathematical models and existing experience, summarizes the procedure for the scientific justification of EDMS security, highlights the main trends in modeling today, a new approach to the construction of EDMS security models is proposed, defines its role and place in the existing theory and practice.

    Keywords: Security models of computer systems, security policy, electronic document management system, systematic approach

  • Technical science. Building and architecture

  • Some aspects of modeling in the implementation of investment and construction projects based on digital technologies

    Investment and construction projects (ISPs) are a complex set of individual business processes that require significant funds, time and human resources. The main task of each ISP customer is to reduce these costs while maintaining the quality of the project. Currently, digital technologies are successfully used for this purpose, which reduce its cost at each stage of the development of the ISP. However, it is necessary to take into account a number of problems that are characteristic of modern systems of digitalization of design processes. Such problems include: a limited choice of specialized software products on the Russian market; the lack of a clear mechanism for the interaction of several software products designed to solve technical, technological and economic problems of ISP; a low level of adaptation for building a BIM model; lack of effective tools for processing large amounts of information.Solving such problems is a complex and multi-vector task.

    Keywords: resources, database, key project indicators, hierarchy analysis method

  • Program of life cycle formation during redevelopment of industrial objects

    The life cycle of a capital construction facility is an economically feasible program for the design, construction, operation and abandonment of a building or structure. This article reveals the role of the life cycle project in the redevelopment of industrial facilities, such as above-ground plants and factories within the city and mining facilities. The article provides a methodology for drawing up a life cycle program for redevelopment of industrial (above-ground and underground) objects, a mine field.

    Keywords: life cycle, redevelopment program, underground facilities, modeling, information construction, industrial facility, mine workings, mining facility