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+7 961 270-60-01

Articles are accepted by e-mail: ivdon3@bk.ru
(article and abstract formatting)

It is admitted materials containing the results of original research, presented in the form of complete articles, short reviews and analytical articles (on agreement with the editorial board) and information material on different aspects of engineering and industrial activity.

The editors do not consider the works submitted to or published previously by another print or electronic edition.

How to contribute an article

 1  Article formatting

Format the article and abstract according to the requirements.

 2  Article sending

Send by e-mail ivdon@bk.ru (letter confirmation is obligatory) the following files:

а) Article in .doc format (title the file by author(s)' surname, e.g. «ivanov_petrov.doc»).

б) Scanned first page with author(s)' signatures

в) Abstract (title the file by author(s)' surname, e.g., «ivanov_petrov.xls»).

г) Scanned review of the article signed by the reviewer (see art.4).

Attach your contacts, responsible for correspondence (e-mail, telephone).

Contact us on any question you have by telephone +7 961 270-60-01

 3  Publication fee

You will receive a bill which you should pay.

If any question you can contact accountant office +7 (863) 264-08-33 or +7 (863) 264-09-44

 4  Reviewing

Send us scanned copy of the review with the reviewer's signature.

Then comes the process of reviewing by our editorial board.

 5  Publication

The article is published in the current issue.

If you find any errors in the makeup after publication (text distortion, picture absence etc.) inform us by e-mail service@ivdon.ru. Errors made by the author are not corrected after publication.

Please send us the final version of the article. Subsequent corrections are carried out by your fee.

Authors are responsible for the content of the article and its publication. Editorial board is not responsible for the lesion caused by the publication. If publication resulted in infringement of rights or ethic norms, editorial board has the right to recall the published article.

Sending the article you give an agreement to publish the article in “Engineering journal of Don” and pledge to pay for it.