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  • Energy Efficient Technology of Building Reconstruction through Heightening. Part 1

    The paper is focused on the building heightening technologies employing modular structures, and in particular, three-dimensional units. It lists the global leaders in the field of manufacturing of three-dimensional/modular units and examines the work stages based on the analysis of scientific publications and patent searches. It is noted that the process arrangement upgraded to the current state of the art and the improved energy efficiency performance of a superstructure are mainly achieved through the use of modular units with greater dimensions but with a lighter weight.

    Keywords: reconstruction, technology, energy efficiency, superstructure, modular constructions, volume blocks, organizational and technological solutions

  • Energy Efficient Technology of Building Reconstruction through Heightening. Part 2

    This paper is a follow-up on the first part, which also reviews the process arrangement solutions for building reconstruction based on building heightening using modular structures. It highlights the importance of the use of transformer (stacked) modules, which allows improving the work process flexibility at the installation and transportation stages. It is further specified that, if reconstruction is carried out in congested urban environments, three-dimensional/modular units should be prefabricated, as prefabrication helps to significantly reduce a gap between the actual and standardized work timelines, even in case of force majeure.

    Keywords: superstructure, organizational and technological solutions, transforming three-dimensional blocks, assembly and transport manufacturability