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  • Joint-stock insurance business on the Don in the second half of XIX - early XX centuries

    History share of insurance business in the Province of the Don, the characteristic four stages of development process, the analysis in general and the specific activity of sixteen joint campaigns, including foreign, on the Don in the late XIX - early XX centuries. ("New York", "Urbain", "Ekvitebl"). The social composition of the policyholders, insurance forms discounts logic of competition  

    Keywords: insurance organization of insurance business corporate insurance insured event insurance discount insurance premium insurance rates insurance capital

  • Rural fire insurance on Don (second half of XIX - early XX centuries)

    History rural fire insurance on the Don, analysis of insurance institutions Don Army (1870-1876), 
    regional rural council (1876-1882), the Regional Management Committee for Zemstvo Affairs (1882-1919). 
    The specificity of the insurance for the сossack population: collecting insurance payments stanichno and county boards, 
    the choice of the сossacks rated insurance, etc. 
    There was a preponderance of mutual insurance, analyzed the accumulation of insurance capital  

    Keywords: insurance, organization of insurance, business, Zemstvo insurance, mutual insurance, insured event, insurance valuation, insurance discounts