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  • Extracting key concepts and relationships between them from topical texts in Russian

    The article discusses approaches to solving natural language processing problems such as extracting key concepts or terms, as well as semantic relationships between them to build data-driven IT solutions. The subject of the work is relevant due to the constant growth of volumes of low-structured and unstructured digital text. The extracted information can be used to improve numerous processes: automatic tagging, optimization of content search, construction of word clouds and navigation sections; furthermore, to create draft versions of dictionaries, thesauri, and even bases for expert systems.

    Keywords: natural language processing, term, lemma, semantical relationship, statistical processing, machine learning, word2vec

  • Application of machine learning and natural language processing to develop a recommendation system for the selection of perfumery products

    The paper discusses the use of machine learning in relation to natural language processing (sentiment analysis, semantic proximity analysis) to build a recommendation system for the choice of perfumery products. The topic of the work is relevant in view of the growth of the range of manufactured perfumery products and the complexity of its choice by consumers and promotion by manufacturers. The proposed approaches are relevant for solving this problem due to the accumulated textual reviews and reviews of perfumery products on various websites, including online stores.

    Keywords: machine learning, natural language, sentiment analysis, distributive semantics, word2vec, recommender systems