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  • Epoxy Waterborne Compositions Modified by Hydroxyurethanes

    Compositions of receiving and using waterborne epoxy - NIPU coating were developed. Experiments to study the compatibility of components in the waterborne epoxy - NIPU coatings were carried out . The optimum ratio of the components of the composition, in order to obtain the necessary physical and mechanical properties of the coating was determinate. The optimal compositions were recommended for industrial application.

    Keywords: coating, epoxy & nonisocyanate polyurethane, waterborne system, physical and mechanical properties

  • Progress in elaboration of nonisocyanate polyurethanes based on cyclic carbonates

    In the article is given a review on production and application nonisocyanate polyurethanes based on cyclic carbonate oligomers. Nonisocyanate polyurethane (NIPU) networks are obtained by reaction between the polycyclic carbonate oligomers and aliphatic or cycloaliphatic polyamines with primary amino groups. This forms a crosslinked polymer with β-hydroxyurethane groups of different structure – polyhydroxyurethane polymer. Considered as a proper NIPU and hybrid polymers, involving various other oligomeric systems (HNIPU). Significant attention was paid to the materials based on renewable raw materials.The authors give an overview of recent publications in the field with a more detailed description of the Polymate Ltd. achievements.

    Keywords: nonisocyanate polyurethanes, cyclic carbonates, polyhydroxyurethane polymer.

  • Spraying of nonisocyanate insulation foams

    This article describes a method for producing two-component nonisocyanate insulating foams and technology of its spraying on the insulated surface. It describes the device, which, along with standard equipment, includes principally new design of components pre-mixing chamber. Constructive solutions described in the article will allow using the compositions which have different time and temperature of curing than conventional PU foams.

    Keywords: Keywords: spray foams, insulating foams, nonisocyanate urethanes, pre-mixing chamber.