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  • Nanocomposite organic-hybrid materials

    In this article is reviewed the nature of organic hybrid nanocomposites. Promising directions in the field of organic hybrid nanocomposite materials will be methods for the synthesis of multicomponent materials, as well as the type of "net net" and "host-guest". The fundamental problem with the chemistry and physics of nanocomposites is dependent "structure-property". Solving this problem will move from research materials to their purposeful design.

    Keywords: nanocomposite sol-gel technology, synthesis, nanoparticles.

  • Spraying of nonisocyanate insulation foams

    This article describes a method for producing two-component nonisocyanate insulating foams and technology of its spraying on the insulated surface. It describes the device, which, along with standard equipment, includes principally new design of components pre-mixing chamber. Constructive solutions described in the article will allow using the compositions which have different time and temperature of curing than conventional PU foams.

    Keywords: Keywords: spray foams, insulating foams, nonisocyanate urethanes, pre-mixing chamber.