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  • The study of the strength properties of ballast material clogged sand dunes

    The article deals with the problem to determine the strength properties of the ballasted clogged sand dunes, including the action vibrodynamic loads. According to the results of laboratory experiments for the first time we obtained the reduction of specific adhesion and angle of internal friction of gravel ballast material on the density and the percentage of blockage of sand dunes under the influence of both static vibrodynamic the action of loads.

    Keywords: crushed stone ballast, sand dunes, weed, vibrostabilometr, specific cohesion, internal friction angle

      The work is devoted to the development of an intelligent system for monitoring high railway embankment, which allows to analyze its condition and make early solutions to manage the safety of vehicles. The main features of the system and its difference from known analogs is taking into account the dynamic effects of vehicles on a high embankment at different climatic conditions. This paper describes the main stages of building the monitoring system, which includes: selection of objects for monitoring, computer modeling of the interaction of the rolling stock and a high embankment, the algorithms required for the development of management decisions. 

    Keywords: high embankments, risk assessment, destruction, monitoring, computer modeling, intelligent system.

      The effect of load on vibrodynamic high-speed trains passing on the deformation characteristics of loess-like sandy loam used in the construction of railway track sub grade. The numerical values “of the sensitivity of loess-like sandy loam from a position of influence on the deformation properties at different values” 

    Keywords: Loess-like sandy loam, the modulus of deformation, vibrodynamic load triaxial compression method

      To assess the strength and deformability of the railway road bed must have analytical expressions for calculating the oscillation amplitudes at any point in the road bed and beyond. The results of experimental determination of the amplitudes of the oscillations in the sub grade of sandy loess sin the Republic of Uzbekistan. Shows plots of the decay amplitudes of the oscillations in the sub grade and beyond by passing high-speed trains. The analytical dependence of the calculation of the amplitudes of the oscillations.

    Keywords: Embankment, roadbed, the amplitude oscillation damping, vibrodinamika, loess-like sandy loam

  • Investigation of the oscillatory process in the railroad ballast, clogged sand dunes

    A special place to identify the characteristics of the oscillatory process of the ballast material, you need to take, first of all, the nature of the process fluctuations. Its identification contributes to the elucidation of their causes, it is important to assess the impact of fluctuations on the properties and condition of the ballast. Knowledge of the nature of the oscillatory process can continue to simulate it in the laboratory to determine the degree of reduction of the strength properties of the ballast material, clogged sand under the influence of vibrodynamic load, with the passage of rolling stock.

    Keywords: Track bed, crushed granite, amplitude, oscillation, damping of oscillation, vibrodynamics