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  • Marketing strategy: features in services complex of the region (on the example of the Rostov region)

    In article it is briefly considered stages of formation of definition of strategic marketing in scientific literature of Russia. The importance of a services sector in economy and the importance of modernization of the given sphere for the general development of economy as a whole locates. The analysis of dynamics of paid services to the population that will allow to reveal the sphere of servants with the greatest volume of consumption among the population is carried out. Are considered the sphere of transport services of the Rostov region, as a result of research SWOT analysis of marketing strategy is carried out to projections to the sphere of transport services of the Rostov region and recommendations to transport companies of the Rostov region for a choice of suitable marketing strategy are made.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Essentially-objective description of services of military purpose

    Reviews the basic content of the service for military purposes, as a separate type of services aimed at ensuring the military security of the state and playing a considerable role in both the military and civilian sectors of the economy. Based on the analysis of normative-legal documents of the Federal level proposed a definition of the services of military purpose. Classification of defense articles, defense services rendered under the state defense order in accordance with the modern paradigm of marketing services. During the study concluded that the set of services of military purpose has all the characteristics of services, which will continue to develop organizational and economic mechanisms of maintenance of innovative development of services in the field of military security.

    Keywords: services for military purposes, the classification of military services, military security, organizational and economic mechanisms for the development of innovative services for military purposes

  • The system of tariffs for housing services

    In terms of pricing inefficiencies in the market for housing and communal services necessary to develop a management system that would allow to improve the system of tariff policy, while maintaining the reliability and quality of supply of public utility services by consumers of the complex, as well as to maintain a balance between the interests of the consumer and public utilities companies. In this regard, the article discusses the scheme for determining the tariffs for housing and communal services, to analyze the changes in order to determine the utility rates. Based on this analysis, determine the cause and mechanism of the positive results of the implementation of client-management, in which, as a single information resource of housing and communal services, provided state information system.

    Keywords: tariff, regulation, housing and communal services, payment for services, client-oriented management, public information system