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  • The method of analyzing vacancies of construction specialties in order to modernize the educational course

    The widespread use of Educational Data Mining (EDM) allows the collection of data in the educational field for the analysis and adjustment of the educational process. Based on the analysis of the areas of training of construction specialties, a choice of job requests from the site was made hh.ru . A chain of nodes has been built in the Knime program for analyzing vacancies in construction specialties. Based on Knime queries, a semantic analysis of employers' requirements for construction specialties was carried out. The dependence of the result of the analysis of employers' requirements on the number of terms in the topic was considered. The preparation of the material was carried out to compare the data obtained from the work programs with the data extracted from the job search site hh.ru .

    Keywords: analysis, data, work program, education, query, term, table, employer requirement