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  • Analysis of a typical planning solution on the example of a 2-room apartment in Moscow

    The aim of the work was to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a typical 2-room apartment and find the optimal solution for redevelopment. As an example, we selected a typical planning solution from the developer of a two-room apartment in a multi-storey residential building. The article considers a variant of apartment remodeling in order to improve the housing characteristics of the premises. It is concluded that the typical rational solution for reconstruction is the reorganization of auxiliary premises in favor of residential premises, changing their configurations. The logic of applying the principles of free planning is reduced to creating conditions for comfortable spatial interaction of functional zones.

    Keywords: Planning solution, apartment, functional areas, ergonomics, remodeling, living area, wet area, interior, visualization, furniture arrangement, redevelopment, area, insolation, installation, dismantling, building codes

  • A brief comparative analysis of typical affordable housing in domestic and foreign construction. Principal possibilities of redevelopment of small-area apartments

    The article presents a comparison of architectural and planning solutions of social housing in the USSR, modern Russia and abroad. The socio-economic prerequisites of mass development in our country in different years are briefly considered. General disadvantages of design solutions of old and modern houses are analyzed, such as lack of unique architecture, small variety of layouts and insufficient area of apartments. The purpose of the article is to identify the shortcomings of typical development in domestic construction and to search for redevelopment directions to increase the comfort of small-sized housing, taking into account the individual preferences of residents. The article presents the main possibilities of improving the comfort of inexpensive residential premises. Several areas of redevelopment of small-sized apartments are offered, such as expanding the useful area by changing the purpose of small-used passage zones, redistributing the area by highlighting various functional zones, applying a circular layout and the effects of visual volume increase.Possibilities to increase comfort of small area housing are described: expansion of useful area by transformation of underutilized zones, redistribution of area with allocation of separate functional zones, use of circular layout. In the future, it is proposed to expand the range of unique architectural and planning solutions in modern construction.

    Keywords: apartment, small area, redevelopment, housing improvement, planning solution, functional zone, comfort, social housing, affordable housing