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  • Current trends in the design and construction of high-rise buildings

    The article presents the summary indicators for 2018, namely the number of completed buildings with a height of 200 meters and the proportion of the main construction material used in the construction. The analysis of the most prominent high-rise construction projects over the past ten years has been carried out and universal techniques have been formulated that allow to achieve improved energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of high-rise buildings. The description of each reception is accompanied by an example of its implementation in a specific unique building.

    Keywords: high-rise building, energy efficiency, eco-friendly skyscraper, environmental control, modular energy-efficient glazing, atrium spaces, architoprofilness

  • Layered two-dimensional-periodic absorbing structure of the optical range

    Described trends in the application of two-dimensional-periodic absorbing structures in optical and THz range. The results of calculation of the scatter and reflection of multilayer structures. Designed optimal parameters of the structures to monitor the greatest effect absorption.

    Keywords: resonant absorption, plasmons, reflection coefficient, diffraction gratings, periodic structures

  • Analysis of the spatial organization cities of Rostov-on-Don and tendencies of its development.

    The article deals with the question of the influence of monocentric spatial organization on the development of the city of Rostov -on-Don , and as determined by the solutions to the problems connected with it . The relevance lies in the fact that describes the current status of the spatial organization of Rostov-on - Don in the context of the global trend of de-urbanization . The concept of environmental focus in determining the spatial organization of the urban environment. The main idea of which - to ensure the harmonious coexistence of the city and the environment, humans and nature , and the main problems of the current situation of urban structure of the city Rostov- on-Don. The important is to identify solutions to problems related to the monocentric organization of the city, as a first step - the creation of a suburban low-rise building with a separate infrastructure

    Keywords: Spatial organization, the development of the urban structure, Seachange, polycentric

  • Abstracts