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  • The concept of Virtual Dom in the React.js library

    The concept of the Virtual DOM technology in the library for creating web user interfaces React.js is considered. A comparative analysis of approaches to the construction of modern user interfaces is carried out. The technological implementation of the internal mechanisms and algorithms of the Virtual DOM concept in React.js is considered. Describes current trends in the development of web applications.

    Keywords: data processing, data visualization, web applications, user interfaces, algorithms, software development, data updating, client-server applications, web development trends

  • Analysis of automation systems for the formation of documents for academic disciplines

    The article presents the systems of automation of the paper-based formation of documents on academic disciplines and practices used by various Russian universities. The systems' main advantages and disadvantages are identified. The analysis made it possible to single out four currently relevant approaches to automating the formation of documents. On the basis of the results of an expert survey of lecturers of the Southern Federal University, an approach was determined that was recommended for its further implementation at the university.

    Keywords: university, documents' formation, university document management, software component, paperless documents' formation, university management activities

  • Improved gaussian filter in the canny algorithm for x-ray images plant

    The Canny Edge Detection algorithm for processing X-ray images has been developed. The results of the computational experiments have shown that the adaptive Gaussian filter improves the anti-noise ability and displays the location of the edges more accurately.

    Keywords: detection of Canny edges, Gaussian filter, analysis of medical radiographic images, visualization of noise absorption

  • Heavy metals migration modelling in soil by the ground source near the Novocherkasskiy hydroelectric power plant

    The modeling heavy metal transfer by the ground source to the lower boundaries of the soil is considered. The transfer process is described by a system of equations included the Navier-Stokes equation, the k-ε model and the nonstationary diffusion equation. The initial and boundary conditions are given at the boundaries of the air and liquid in the soil flow, also in the air-ground contact zone, which are necessary for solving the boundary value problem. The results of numerical simulation obtained using the ANSYS fluent program are shown. The result analysis is based on the comparison of numerical modelling and long-term observations data around the hydroelectric power plant.

    Keywords: k-ε model, diffusion equation, numerical modelling, ANSYS, Novocherkasskiy hydroelectric power plant