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  • Mathematical model of the absorption process in packed columns

    The article considers the process of absorption with counterflow of phases with chaotic nozzles. Gas is supplied to the lower part of the column for separation, and liquid is supplied to the upper part of the column to irrigate the packing. In the packing layer, a film flow of the liquid phase occurs over the surface of the contact elements, and in the channels of complex geometry, the gas flow moves in countercurrent. Moreover, the film flow is usually laminar wave, and the movement of the gas phase is turbulent. Through the interfacial surface of the gas-liquid there is an exchange of momentum, mass and energy. Regular and irregular (chaotic) elements of various designs and sizes can be used as nozzles. The initial choice of packing design is carried out based on the ultimate loads that provide the film mode, and then refined based on the obtained efficiency of the process, which must meet the requirements of the technical specifications for the design or modernization of the apparatus. kind at the interface. However, such an approach is possible if the distribution of the interfacial surface area in space is fixed and known, for example, for film contacts of devices and some regular packings. Calculations of the process of air moistening with water were performed using the mass transfer equation (all resistance in the gas phase) in a column with a tubular packing with intensifiers. The efficiency of mass transfer obtained from the numerical solution is compared with experimental data, as well as calculations based on the ideal gas displacement model. It has been established that, taking into account the turbulence of the gas flow, the calculation of the efficiency is adequately consistent with the experiment, and the ideal displacement model slightly overestimates the values ​​of the separation efficiency.

    Keywords: absorption, mathematical model, column, packing with intensifiers