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  • Use of electrically charged solid particles flow for track membranes

    The present work is devoted to the description of the new technology, which relates to a method for producing track membranes by penetration of the working medium within the matrix, and its passage through the matrix of polymer material. The working substance interacts with the matrix in the form of high-speed flow of solid particles. Method for treating thin-film materials with a flow of electrically chargeable solid particles in an electric field generated between two oppositely charged electrodes is proposed. One of the electrodes is made in the form of a net that is penetrable to the solid particles, used as a charging electrode for acceleration of the particles passing toward the thin-film material located above this electrode, while the electrode has a continuous surface, and is used as a charging electrode. The electric field is adjusted to the value needed to satisfy the treatment conditions so that the particles can either be retained in the treated material or can pass though the material, thus forming filters for gases or liquids, track membranes, or the like.

    Keywords: membranes manufacturing; trackmembranes; electrically charged solid particles; electric field