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  • Modern cybersecurity from the perspective of cognitive modeling

    In the article, the authors examine the problem of ensuring cybersecurity in the modern world in terms of the study of social practices. The implemented cyber attacks are analyzed, and the danger of hacker attacks is shown. With a fair amount of evidence, it can be stated that in the modern world, the risks associated with cyber intrusions can include the loss or disclosure of consumer data, theft or disclosure of intellectual property, as well as the loss of investors as a result of the theft of funds or a decrease in the market value of companies subjected to cyber attacks. It is concluded that cybersecurity is a constantly evolving landscape, and now there is an urgent need to constantly learn from both our own experience and the experience of other companies countering cyber attacks effectively, and it is also important that successful interaction with adversaries in cyberspace requires a constant pursuit of a tactical, operational and strategic initiative.

    Keywords: cyber wars, cognitive modeling, cyber attacks, hacker attacks, cyber risks, cyber defense

  • Challenges to regional security and current global issues within the framework of cognitive modeling

    In the article, the authors note that current threats, challenges, risks and related global problems, and the urgent need for the use of renewable energy sources is coming to the fore in the life of modern societies. It is highlighted that there is a necessity to treat technological progress in correlation with modern science in Russian society, and it should be noted that nowadays the current policy in the field of ensuring climate agreements is subject to legal uncertainty. The authors conduct cognitive modeling and construct a cognitive model.

    Keywords: global problems of modernity, information technologies, cognitive modeling, cyber operations