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  • Technology for controlling the process of formation of volumetric irradiation of plants using an LED installation

    The article is devoted to the design and specifics of the operation of an LED variable irradiation installation for growing plants. The peculiarity of the proposed installation is the periodically changing intensity of irradiation, achieved by alternately switching on and off LED radiation sources. This approach allows you to reduce the power of the power source, which leads to a reduction in the cost of the installation design, improve the quality of the products obtained, thanks to uniform irradiation of plants and reduce the energy intensity of the growing process.

    Keywords: led installation, irradiation installation, energy saving, variable irradiation, control unit, microcontroller

  • System analysis of reliability and prospects for its enhancement for consumer power supply systems

    The analysis of reliability of systems of an electricity transmission during which the main causes of the power outage in the consumer were identified. With the help of computer simulation, the results of operation of autonomous inverters are obtained with different number of voltage levels. The prospects of using the devices for balancing the incomplete-phase regimes on the basis of multilevel voltage inverters, which improve the reliability of power supply to consumers, are considered.

    Keywords: analysis, stream of the failure, electricity, the balancing device, emergency operation, recovery time, failure, reliability, multilevel inverter, power line, user

  • To the question of power supply of removed agricultural consumers

    The analysis of the state of transmission electrik lines, on the example, one of the districts of the Rostov region. The prospects of the use of symmetrization devices unbalance, what allows to increase the reliability of power supply to agricultural consumers.

    Keywords: stream of the failure, electricity, the balancing device, emergency operation, recovery time, failure, reliability, multilevel inverter, analysis, power line, user.

  • Prospects for the development of the agricultural enterprises of Rostov region and the problems of their energy supply.

    In the article were considered are questions that characterize the status and of the development of agro-industrial enterprises of Rostov region, are presented the main areas of support for the agricultural sector with the support of federal and regional programs, were reflected of the forecasted capacity for the production and processing of products on the end of the programs. Were identified potential problems associated with energy supply companies emerging to the next level of production of the produce that adversely affect the results of the agricultural development programs, were offered a ways out of the situation.

    Keywords: The State Programme, the development of agriculture, the regional target program of development, concept, investment projects, the production and processing of agricultural production.