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  • Substantiation of the parameters of technological schemes for the construction of mine shafts by mechanized tunneling complexes

    Over the past 35 years, long-distance wells in Russia and the CIS countries have been drilled and blasted. The big disadvantage of this technology is the lack of the possibility of combining the most labor-consuming tunneling processes in the borehole bottom: drilling and blasting operations and rock removal. Because of this, the average rate of shaft construction did not exceed 30-50 m / month, which is 2-3 times lower than when driving horizontal and inclined workings.A promising direction for solving this problem is the widespread introduction of mechanized complexes of a new generation of domestic (SPKV, ASP) and foreign (Herrenknecht AG, etc.) production in deep hole drilling. However, their wider implementation is restrained by a number of undeveloped issues related to the justification of a rational field of application and parameters of an effective technology of shaft sinking with mechanized complexes.The article discusses the concept of a mechanized technology of shaft sinking with variable, technically and economically justified speeds, implemented within the framework of the flow organization of the construction of a complex of shafts. The main stages of designing the flow method are considered and an algorithm for determining the optimal speed of mechanized shaft sinking in various mining conditions is presented.

    Keywords: mine, shaft, construction, speed, flow method, productivity, technological scheme, field of application