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  • Automated evaluation of the dynamic quality of grinding machines in the manufacture of bearing parts

    The results of the automated evaluation of the dynamic quality of grinding machines in the process monitoring system are presented. The transfer function of the dynamic system is analytically obtained, a formula for the frequency function is derived from it, on the basis of which models of vibration spectra are constructed, in which frequencies are present that are adequate to the real vibro-acoustic vibrations of the dynamic system of the machine when processing rings. For experimental evaluation of the dynamic quality of machine tools, integral estimates of the low-frequency components of the vibration spectrum are used, characterizing the relationship between the quality of processing bearing rings and the dynamic quality of machine tools.

    Keywords: dynamic quality of the grinding machine, vibroacoustic vibrations, bearing rings, processing quality, monitoring system

  • Automated non-destructive testing in the monitoring system of the technological process of bearing production

    The issues of ensuring the reliable operation of bearing production on the basis of the organization of the process monitoring system (SMTP), based on the introduction of effective automated control and diagnostics of technological equipment, including processing modes and technical condition, active control of product quality in the manufacturing process, output characteristics of rings processed by the eddy current method, as well as making decisions on timely maintenance of equipment. The results of the inspection are stored in a report file generated in the eddy current device computer: information about each checked part is stored: the time of inspection, the type of part, the surface to be monitored, the number of the machine on which the part was processed. The results of eddy current control serve as the basis for monitoring the dynamic characteristics of the equipment by vibroacoustic vibrations. Based on the results of the control within the framework of the SMTP, a decision is made on the quality management of processing. The introduction of SMTP provided a significant reduction in ring defects in terms of grinding quality up to 2-3 % and increased operational reliability of bearings.

    Keywords: grinding process monitoring, bearing rings, dynamic machine quality, active control, eddy current control, ring quality

  • Problems and prospects of pedagogical process in the aspect of application of information technologies

    The article deals with the problems and features of Informatization of higher education. The problems of information technologies in the educational process are presented. The main advantage of it is that they contribute to the creation of an effective multi-sensory interactive learning environment with great potential for use by teachers and students. The factors influencing the process of Informatization of educational institutions are analyzed. In order to achieve positive results of the use of information technologies in training, it is proposed to introduce new subject programs in the educational process, which will allow to determine the methods of teaching and the conditions of the educational process. The use of subject programs will provide the user with the opportunity to build their learning algorithm.

    Keywords: information technologies, education, communication technologies, problems of training, features of training, programs, factors influencing process of Informatization of educational institution, conditions, advantages of information technologies

  • Current economic issues of didactic support of education informatization

    The article highlights the issues of creating the information and educational environment of the university in modern education. Components for effective pedagogical process are presented. It describes the essence of the integration of ILE and education, as well as the direction of the integration of educational tools. The connection of the global trends in the development of an innovative economy and the requirements of the main directions for the development of IOS of the university is shown. The intra-university component is analyzed, which reflects several levels of interaction between various educational tools.The information presented in the article shows that the availability of pedagogically useful didactic support and the economic consideration of all factors and conditions ensures efficient functioning.

    Keywords: information and educational environment (ILE), development trends, ILE structure, pedagogical process, distance learning, integration, economic component of ILE, didactic support

  • The use of information technology in higher education institutions

    The article highlights the use of information technologies in modern education. The opinion of modern didacts has been generalized and presented, and the methodology for presenting information allows the most effective presentation of educational material. The economic component of application of information technologies in higher educational institutions is considered. The peculiarities of the realization of the educational process are considered taking into account the impact of computer radiation on human health. The most important indicators of the effectiveness of the use of information technology are revealed.

    Keywords: information technology, distance learning, communication technology, economic component of IT, aim IT, quality