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  • Analysis of the influence of step irregularities of the inner conductor on the frequency characteristics of a piecewise homogeneous Bragg microwave structure in a coaxial waveguide

    The work is devoted to the analysis of the frequency characteristics of a piecewise homogeneous coaxial Bragg microwave structure with irregularities in the inner conductor. The article presents varieties of piecewise-homogeneous Bragg coaxial microwave structures, their options for practical application and implementation, as well as the possibility of their modernization, and also considers a recurrent method for calculating a piecewise-homogeneous transmission line. The possibility of using lumped capacitances in an equivalent circuit is considered and simulation is carried out in the electrodynamic simulation program with initial parameters.Based on the results of the work done, it was concluded that the effect of lumped capacitances included in the equivalent circuit of a piecewise homogeneous coaxial Bragg microwave structure significantly improves the frequency characteristics of a single-wave calculation in comparison with full-wave simulation. When approaching conditions favorable for the propagation of the first highest mode, it is necessary to include the effects of its propagation in the calculation.

    Keywords: Bragg microwave structure, reactivity, permittivity, coaxial cable, microwave range

  • Research of microwave processing systems for processing solid and liquid media

    The possible ways of research and development of management of ultra-high-frequency technological complex for the treatment of solids and liquids accumulated in waste storage on horse and livestock farms. Given a classification assessment of existing and proposed integrated model thermoelectrochemical approaches that account for physico-chemical composition of the treated medium. The results of laboratory experiments on drying of processed substances for the justification of integrated management and development of real microwave technological complex are presented.

    Keywords: dielectric, dielectric permittivity, microwave heating, humidity, waste, physicochemical composition, mathematical models, technological complex