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  • Secure modification of LSB matching steganography method

    The modification of the most common steganography method for various container is presented. This modification allows to increase the resistance of steganography to the statistical analisys. A comparative analysis of the effect of the traditional LSB matching method and the proposed modification to the frequency histogram of sample values ​​in the container is presented.

    Keywords: steganography, steganalysis, information security, embedded data transfer

  • Technical features of scientific web-journals: necessity and possibilities of modernization

    In this paper some of modern forms and techniques of information spreading were considered in the aspects of usefulness in scientific results publications. 
    The comparison of the opportunities offered by new information technologies and by traditional media (journals and scientific meetings) is presented. It is justified that the problem of officialization of scientific papers accompaniment by multimedia illustrations and common tools for commentation is of highly interest. Some possible approaches for this problem were described briefly. As a conclusion, we announce the attempt to practical testing of these approaches.

    Keywords: internet-media, scientific journals, Internet, social networks