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  • Problems of safety of traffic

    Article is devoted problems of safety of traffic. In given article are sounded a number of the reasons of occurrence of failures on highways. In article questions of influence of psychophysiological features of drivers on occurrence accidents are considered. The special attention is given that use of cellular telephones by drivers (despite prohibition by traffic regulations), and also every possible advertising materials in sight of drivers do not promote concentration of attention on driving process. Also in article questions of increase of safety of pedestrians, as participants of traffic are mentioned. In article the interrelation between road conditions and safety of traffic is investigated. That fact is marked, the reasons of adverse influence of road conditions can be obvious and hidden. In article the developed practice of roads design is analyzed. The given practice, in a due measure, does not consider requirements of landscape designing. Which, in turn, though are registered in the arch of rules, but have recommendatory character. Also in article questions of use of the minimum parameters of highways are mentioned at its designing.

    Keywords: Safety of traffic, accidents , a highway, the driver, the pedestrian, roads design, a road condition, road conditions, intensity of movement, the road maintenance, landscape design of road

  • Automated hydraulic loading station for power static testing of composite material products

    In this paper, main technical characteristics, a technical structure and a structural arrangement of the hydraulic loading station are presented. Presented control system’s structure makes it possible to solve the reproduction problem for axial, shearing forces and moments with the required accuracy using preset speeds.

    Keywords: hydraulic system, load control system, pressure regulator.

  • Stressed state peculiarities of ballastless track system slab substructure soils

    The article depicts test results of ballastless track system roadbed stressed state. In-situ tests of roadbed vertical stresses were held considering rolling stock type and speed. Roadbed vertical stress distribution dependence was carried out.

    Keywords: Roadbed, ballastless track system, RHEDA 2000, vertical stress damping, stress distribution

  • Abstracts