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  • Ecological model of vegetation steppes of the Don basin

    The paper provides information on the results of ordination analysis of Don basin steppes

    Keywords: ordination, Don basin, steppes

  • Acoustic method monitoring electrochemical processes

    The article describes the research of thermodurability of glass-carbon - one of the most promising carbon materials used in the production of luminophors and semiconductor materials, optical single crystals, etc. The aim of this work was to study the behavior glass-carbon in the course of thermo-cyclic testing. As a method of diagnostics of the birth and development of micro-cracks was used by the reception of signals of acoustic emission. It is shown that at heating in the samples glass-carbon there was a strong movement of dislocations in thermocyclic effects ,recognized in the signals of acoustic emission. As the number of pulses when heated above, than during the cooling of the sample, it is evidence of the accumulation of damages in the structure of the cyclic thermal processing glass-carbon samples. It is established, that the curves of the accumulation of defects at the pulses of acoustic emission, differ on the stage of heating and cooling. Proposed to use the curve of the aggregate accounts of acoustic emission pulses as a possible harbinger of destruction when heated glass-carbon of the product.

    Keywords: acoustic emission, electrodeposition, the activity of the AE, the remote control.

  • Contradictions of control in ensuring food security in Russia

    In the article were considered are questions that reveal  the nature and current state of food security of the country, are presented the main criteria in the areas of consumption, production and management. The basic contradiction of food security are related to the operation and management of agricultural production.

    Keywords: Food security, agriculture, conflict, management, analysis, criterion, consumption.

  • Modeling of the market of cultivated mushrooms methods discriminant and factor analysis

    On the basis of the conducted questionnaire survey of the inhabitants of the Kirov region identified determinants of consumption individuals of cultivated mushrooms. Built a factor model of the market of cultivated mushrooms Kirov region

    Keywords: Market of cultivated mushrooms, discriminant analysis, factor analysis

  • Formation control systems sales in Russian entrepreneurial companies

    The aim of this work is to study the prevalence of quantitative indicators described earlier implementations of functions and types of soup soup on a number of modern Russian markets, as well as an analysis of the mechanisms of formation of different types of soup. The study tested the accuracy of the following hypotheses.

    Keywords: The mechanism of formation, identified types of systems sales management, classification of the types of systems sales management, efficient operation.

  • Biotechnology and energy photosynthesis.

    Considered photosynthesis, whereby the organic world gets a reserve of free energy and chemical energy provides all bioorganisms. The basic stages of photosynthesis: photophysical, photochemical, chemical and consider energy criteria based on the concepts of photosynthesis on the spatial and energy parameters.

    Keywords: Biotechnology, energy, biomass, photosynthesis, space-energy parameter.

  • Mathematical model and optimization of parameters of work of a lamellar recuperator

    Use nonconventional and renewables has important economic value for energy saving. Lamellar recuperators are applied to a reuse of heat of departing air in system of ventilation of buildings. Its functional mathematical model is developed for increase of energy efficiency and optimization of parameters of work of a lamellar recuperator. On the basis of mathematical model the criterion of optimization is defined and optimum modes of functioning of a recuperator of ventilating air are established. As a result of researches it is established that the heating of external air is necessary for increase of overall performance of a recuperator before an entrance to a recuperator. For the solution of this task it is offered to use soil the heat exchanger.

    Keywords: mathematical model, lamellar recuperator, nonconventional power sources, optimization, energy saving

  • The experimental research the passage of the ultrasonic beam through charging the layered structure

    This paper shows the results of the experimental research the passage of the ultrasonic beam through modifiable layered structure in order to obtain data on changes in levels of pressure in the front slice of the acoustic field. This paper presents the spatial distribution characteristics of the acoustic field after passing the various layers in the liquid. Celebrated not only offset the propagation path, but also change the chart pressure in the front slice on the amplitude level , the width of the chart, the position of the lateral lobe and its amplitude.

    Keywords: Ultrasound, layered medium, experimental assembly, refraction.

  • Machine for snowmelter

    snowmelter item, thawing, heat balance, thermal conductivity, the intensification of the phase transition.

    Keywords: snowmelter item, thawing, heat balance, thermal conductivity, the intensification of the phase transition.

  • Methods for thermal testing of low-temperature solar systems and to develop a method for remote monitoring

    The paper describes the main methods of thermal testing of low-temperature solar systems, a comparative analysis of the complexity and duration of the experiments carried out by various methods; a method for remote monitoring.

    Keywords: Low-temperature solar systems, solar panel, solar water heater, thermal tests, thermal performance, quasi-stationary method, method for remote monitoring.

  • Influence of change of organizational structure of management on level of transactional costs of the organization

    In today's unstable market conditions increased transaction costs, reducing overall economic efficiency. This article analyzes the reasons for the growth of the internal transaction costs and proposes measures to reduce them by adjusting the organizational structure of the organization

    Keywords: organizational structure of management, transactional expenses, efficiency analysis, organizational changes, classification

  • Analysis of directions of innovation activity and development management of the commercial organization

    Directions of innovative activity of commercial organizations to ensure its development in the competitive, volatile market environment are investigated.

    Keywords: commercial organization, management, directions of innovative activity

  • UV photodetector based on nanorods and zinc oxide films

    With the use of pulsed laser deposition and carbothermal synthesis а photosensitive structure on the basis of the Schottky barrier Au/ZnO(nanorods)/ZnO(film)/ZnO(nanorods)/Au was obtained. The parameters of the carbothermal method of synthesis of nanorods ZnO were optimized. Under directly applied bias of 7V current sensitivity of luminous flux for this photodetector is observed in the UV and visible regions of the spectrum, and is 0.14 A/W - for 325 nm and 0.18 A/W - to 405 nm, which means that this structure has the ability of potential applications in various fields for the control of UV radiation (for example, for the monitoring of solar UV radiation, control of UV radiation in air and disinfecting water devices).

    Keywords: ZnO nanorods, Schottky barrier, photodetector, photosensitivity

  • Оптимизация режима формования полимерных композитных конструкций на основе метода Парето

    Одним из важнейших факторов, исключающих возникновение дефектов типа пор, расслоений, участков с неполной полимеризацией связующего в формуемой высоконагруженной полимерной композитной конструкции, является управляемость процесса во всем объеме композита. Для обеспечения однородности процесса полимеризации связующего предложен метод многокритериальной оптимизации процесса на основе математической модели, связывающей процессы распространения тепла и кинетики полимеризации. Система связанных уравнений процесса, учитывающая экзотермическое тепло, выделяемое при полимеризации термореактивного связующего, изменение теплоемкости и теплопроводности композита при фазовых переходах от жидкого к гелеобразному и, далее, к твердому состоянию, точную геометрию технологической системы, включая прессформу, а также интенсивность тепловыделения независимо управляемых нагревателей, реализована в виде конечноэлементной модели. Предложенный метод синтеза закона оптимального управления нагревателями, использующий метод множеств Парето, проиллюстрирован на примере полимеризации разностенной композитной конструкции, формуемой из стеклопластика.

    Keywords: Композиционные материалы; Процесс полимеризации; Оптимальное управление; Кинетические уравнения; Уравнения в частных производных в задачах управления и оптимизации, Конечно-элементное моделирование, Фронт Парето

  • Mathematical modeling of heat transfer processes in energy-saving solar plants

    A mathematical model of heat transfer processes, the discrete model is based on the finite difference method, and the results of calculations of the temperature distribution also will be developed. In addition the program was created which allows to calculate the distribution of temperature over its entire length for given values ​​of insolation, ambient air temperature and air velocity inside the collector  

    Keywords: mathematical modeling, finite difference method, heat transfer processes, solar collector