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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • An Overview of Text Classification Methods Using Machine Learning

    Classification plays a big role in the modern world. Text classification is used in solving many problems, such as: recognizing the emotional coloring of content, determining thematic affiliation, content. The article discusses various methods of text classification using machine learning, their advantages and disadvantages.

    Keywords: text classification, machine learning, support vector machine, Bayes method, nearest neighbors method.

  • Improving the efficiency of automatic identification of oil spills using unmanned aerial vehicles

    Due to the intensive development of digital technologies, significant progress is be-ing observe in the creation of automated systems and technologies. One of the most pressing problems at the present stage of industrial development is the presence of cases of oil spills caused because of technological accidents and accidents. With advanced achievements in the field of digital technologies, it seems possible to au-tomate the process of identifying oil spills. The main purpose of the current article is to analyze the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles to perform automatic identification of oil spills. The author investigates this issue, and presents an option to increase the use of these systems based on the development of a special image-processing algorithm based on exponential accumulation and the variance method. The results of the work confirm the hypothesis of the effective use of unmanned aerial vehicles for automatic identification of oil spills.

    Keywords: automation, unmanned aerial vehicle, oil spill, identification, image processing

  • The impact of nanotechnology on the development of flame retardant materials in construction

    This article examines the impact of nanotechnology on the development of flame retardant materials in the field of construction. The general provisions of nanotechnology and nanocomposites, their characteristics and classification are described. Examples of the use of nanotechnology to create fire-resistant materials and their direct application in construction are presented. The main problems of nanocomposites are presented, the solution of which will allow to bring passive fire protection of buildings and structures to a new level.

    Keywords: fire protection, fire-resistant material, nanotechnology, nanocomposite, composite material, composite, polymer, material

  • Methods for determining the characteristics of multicomponent coatings of stop valves

    The service life of shut-off valves operated at sites of hazardous production facilities with ultra-high parameters of the working environment is largely limited by the wear resistance of contact surfaces. In this regard, to increase the durability of contact surfaces, technological methods are used to modify the surface and special functional coatings are used. The development and selection of new functional coatings are inextricably linked with their comparative study based on the determination of the most significant characteristics through testing. The purpose of this work is an analytical review of the most common test methods for evaluating the characteristics of multicomponent nanocomposite coatings applied to the contact surfaces of valves to increase their wear resistance. Based on the results of the analytical review, recommendations are given for testing multicomponent nanocomposite coatings.

    Keywords: pipeline fittings, functional coatings, test methods, service life, wear, friction, hardness, corrosion, tribology

  • Noise levels in the mainline territories of a linear city and ways to deal with it

    Noise pollution of the air is considered to be an excess of the natural level of the background noise or a sharp fluctuation and change in such sound characteristics as the frequency of the sound wave and the strength of the sound stream. The article considers noise levels in the mainline territories in a linear city.

    Keywords: linear city, traffic noise, highways, air environment, landscaping, equivalent noise level, row of planting, arboretum composition

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Configurable test environment for RTL simulation and performance evaluation of Network on Chip as part of SoC

    Nowadays, the System on Chip (SoC) industry is rapidly developing. One of the objectives of SoC developers is to provide the most efficient communication between computational units. One of the possible solutions is using Networks on Chip (NoC) of various topologies with different routing algorithms. In this paper, a configurable test environment designed for cycle-accurate NoC simulation as part of a SoC, used to provide statistics about network behavior during test process, is presented. The environment is designed to evaluate NoC performance as part of a specific SoC at the development stage, when there is a full or partial RTL description of the system. The environment configuration options, its application area, general scheme and calculated NoC performance characteristics are considered. As a conclusion, an example of using the environment to evaluate the performance of a specific NoC is described in detail.

    Keywords: network on chip, system on chip, performance evaluation, verification

  • About design solutions of digital career guidance tools to determine the relevance of training areas based on the analysis of job descriptions

    The article considers the practical part of the implementation of the task of determining the relevance of training directions, using the example of the direction "Applied Informatics", possible professions and companies for the employment of graduates by comparing the skills obtained in the framework of training and the requirements of the labor market. The results of the practical testing of the formalized model will be used as part of the module of digital tools for remote career guidance.

    Keywords: service requests, vacancies, demand for training areas, career guidance, digitalization of career guidance activities, job search services

  • Development of the information system interface structure model and classification of the elements used in it

    To achieve effective communication in the process of human-machine interaction, polymodal user interfaces are used. The article classifies typical interface elements corresponding to various communication channels in order to identify the composition of elements for the implementation of a polymodal interface that provides the ability to display the user's professional activities. Taking into account the above classification, a model of the interface structure is proposed that reflects the logic of the user's work.

    Keywords: polymodal interfaces, user interface, classification of interface elements, interface model, typical interface elements, technical systems, information systems, communication channels, modality

  • Development of the functional structure and algorithms of the user activity description module for user interface design

    The article discusses the methodology for organizing the use of the user interface design module by the end user on their own. One of the main stages of the methodology is the user's description of his professional activity. To implement this stage, the functional structure of the module for generating a description of the activity by the user, a description of its components (submodules) and the composition of the main algorithms are given.

    Keywords: design, user interface, user activity, activity model, functional structure, user activity description generation module

  • Modeling of a rhombus - shaped membrane vibrations

    This paper presents a simulation of the vibrations of a membrane in the form of a rhombus. Partial solutions of the problem of free vibrations of a membrane with different initial conditions are obtained and the natural frequencies of vibrations are found. The result obtained can be used to strengthen the structural elements of aircraft with a cellular diamond-shaped structure, as well as in the design of unmanned drones of the flying wing type.

    Keywords: free vibrations of a membrane, a membrane in the shape of a rhombus, natural frequencies of vibrations

  • The concept and architecture of the platform for the implementation of system notation for the design of architectural diagrams

    The article deals with the problems of communication between the customer and the development team in the process of designing information systems. Based on the identified shortcomings of existing solutions, a conclusion is made about the need to develop a new approach and means of its implementation. The paper sets the task of developing a common model for the interaction of subjects using a single platform. The article describes the concept and modular architecture of the platform for implementing the system notation for designing architectural schemes. The modules of such a platform and its general functionality are considered.

    Keywords: information system, life cycle, developer, end user, architectural scheme, basic abstraction, subject area, systems design

  • Computer training complexes for training operators of loading and unloading machines in the skills of performing technological operations

    The article presents the results of the development of research in the field of automated training of operators of technological processes (on the example of loading and unloading machines) on computer training complexes (CTC). A feature of the developed CTCs is an intelligent automated system (AS) for monitoring the formation of sensorimotor skills, based on mathematical models and algorithms for representing knowledge about the technological process, automated design of training courses for professional training of operators in a virtual production environment, and automatic assessment of the formation of skills. The use of CTC for training operators of loading and unloading machines based on an intelligent AS helps to improve the quality of the formation of professional skills for the effective and safe implementation of technological processes in various fields (for example, river and sea ports, construction, mining) based on the results of training courses.

    Keywords: loading and unloading machines, technological process, computer training complex, professional skills, sensorimotor skills, intelligent automated systems

  • Static refined models of field-effect transistors with controlled transition junction bands from various semiconductors

    The paper analyzes the output parameters of field-effect transistors with a contact gate (controlled junction (p-n junction or Schottky gate)) both from modern highly mobile semiconductors (such as AIIIBV, AIIBVI, etc.) and semiconductors such as Si, Ge. It is shown that when the span regions are reduced to micro- and nanoscale values and conditions for the action of strong electric field strengths arise, it is necessary to take into account the dependence of carrier mobility on this field. Comparative analyses of the obtained results with the classical known ratios are carried out.

    Keywords: effective mass, drift velocity, electric field strength, mobility of charge carriers, kinetic energy, current-voltage characteristic, field-effect transistor, sub-gate drift region, threshold field of the Gann effect, saturation field strength

  • Development of an intelligent image recognition software module for sound glasses

    The article provides an overview of wearable devices that improve the quality of user recognition of objects of the surrounding world, reveals the process of developing an intelligent module for recognizing objects of urban infrastructure for "sound glasses" - a device designed for blind users. The functionality of the module under development, its architecture is characterized, the process and results of neural network training for object recognition are described, and an algorithm for identifying the color of traffic lights is given. The results of testing the developed software module are presented. The software module created in this work is an integral component of a fully functioning device "sound glasses", the use of which will allow people with visual disabilities to get information about events and the surrounding environment and navigate even in an unfamiliar environment.

    Keywords: computer vision, neural network, smart glasses, sound glasses, visually impaired, YOLOv5, object recognition

  • Development of a recommender system for the selection and configuration of deep neural network models

    This paper describes the development of a recommender system for the selection and configuration of deep neural network models. Her key area of work is evaluating the effectiveness of a neural network for a particular type of problem. The recommender system designed within the framework of the repository allows for precise search, selection and flexible configuration of neural networks depending on specific project-oriented tasks.

    Keywords: recommender system, machine learning, deep learning, neural network model, expert system, neural network, repository, spatial data, geographic information system, configuration, architecture

  • Mathematical modeling of photovoltaic panels as part of a distributed generation complex

    In this paper, based on Russian and foreign experience in mathematical modeling of photovoltaic installations, the authors consider the approaches to the construction of these models. The relevance of the research is confirmed by the wide spread of electric energy sources using solar energy. The scheme of photovoltaic element substitution and the dependences describing the processes occurring in it are given. The authors conclude that despite the large number of various mathematical models of photovoltaic elements, all of them can be grouped into two categories. The first category includes models that consider photovoltaic panels as a separate element, and the second category includes models where the photovoltaic panel is a component of a generating complex. Despite the difference in the analyzed approaches, the authors single out a number of parameters that characterize the operation of a photovoltaic panel and are sufficient to obtain simulation results with the required accuracy.

    Keywords: photovoltaic panel, mathematical modeling, substitution scheme, distributed generation, power generation

  • Method for calculating the interval values of the coefficients of the transfer function of automatic control systems

    The paper proposes a method for calculating the interval values of the coefficients of the polynomials of the numerator and denominator of the transfer function. An algorithm is presented that describes the sequence of actions performed, which makes it possible to obtain interval coefficients for the study of both linear and nonlinear systems. An illustrative example is given, which shows the calculation of the interval values of transfer functions, both continuous and discrete systems based on the use of the Matlab system.

    Keywords: control system uncertainties, robust stability, marine mobile objects, transfer function with interval coefficients

  • Integration of various resource planning and lifecycle management systems (OVERVIEW)

    The review is devoted to the integration of PLM systems into the 1C:ERP system. The article presents definitions of PLM and ERP systems. The analysis of the data presented in modern sources proves the effectiveness of the integration of systems for the exchange of design and technological data about the product and normative reference information with the production management system. Overview of the implementation of PLM and ERP systems in enterprises. Description of integration errors and possible solutions. The evaluation of the analyzed results from the standpoint of the efficiency of production process management confirms the feasibility of using integrated systems at the enterprise.

    Keywords: enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management, enterprise management, integration, product lifecycle

  • Security algorithms for heterogeneous big data storage

    In this article, as a result of the analysis, it was revealed that attributive access control should be applied in heterogeneous Big Data storages. Then, an algorithm for transferring rights between different data models that are part of heterogeneous Big Data storages was formulated. The limitations imposed on this algorithm are also revealed. Thus, the task of implementing a method for managing rights in heterogeneous Big Data repositories has been completed.

    Keywords: database management system, heterogeneous storages, big data, relational database models

  • Some aspects of improving the efficiency of port activities based on neural video analytics

    The main task in the development and integration of digital automation tools is to increase the efficiency of the enterprise. One of the most relevant areas of integra-tion of such solutions is port activity. The purpose of the current article is to ana-lyze the issues of improving the efficiency of port activities based on intelligent au-tomation tools. The author considers in more detail the solution of the presented problem based on the integration of neural video analytics solutions. The paper us-es theoretical research methods, as well as the results of foreign and domestic scien-tific research. The scientific significance of the work lies in the attempt to systema-tize knowledge about methods of increasing the efficiency of port activities based on intelligent automation tools.

    Keywords: port activity, automation, neural video analytics, enterprise, artificial intelligence

  • Automation of the pedestrian crossing control system using a motion sensor

    The article presents a study of accidents on the roads involving children and persons under the age of majority. An analysis was made of the legal norms for the protection of the rights of the child on the roadway. In addition, an additional means of reducing accidents on the roads, as well as its location relative to the pedestrian, was identified.

    Keywords: accident, traffic accident, child, children, incident, road, section, pedestrian

  • Ontological design intelligent recommendation system "military recruitment committee"

    "This article describes the application of the ontological approach to the creation of an intelligent system of recommendations in the work of military recruitment committee. A popular and perfectly proven approach to describe and represent knowledge is ontologies. Designing knowledge-based systems is impossible without a thorough systematic study of the subject area in which the problem is to be solved. The result of systems research should be represented by the formalism best adapted for further implementation. Ontology is such a formalism, and this article discusses approaches to the formal representation of ontologies as the most important mechanism of knowledge engineering. Conceptually, ontology design processes are similar to those with multi-agent systems. In this case, nodes or agents connected to each other materialize our knowledge of the problem solution. An agent is comparable to the notion of an entity in an ontology. In both cases, an ontology graph is used. The Protégé software platform was chosen as one of the most popular development tools to implement the ontology ""Military Recruitment Committee"". An important factor is the support of SWRL, which is necessary for the future development of the project. In the process of ontology design, three main branches of entities were identified: questionnaire data; medical data; psychological data. Based on the results of the logical inference, a recommendation (advice) is formed regarding further decisions (actions) on working with a conscript. The SWRL is used to create rules for checking the set of properties for each conscript, on which a verdict is made. If necessary, the system will explain its actions. As a result, a preliminary ontological graph of the investigated domain in the OWL language is made. Implemented some software modules. Conducted a logical inference on the Protégé platform based on the description in SWRL language of the rules reflecting the impact of the set of entities of the ontology on the inferred recommendations."

    Keywords: ontology, knowledge management, Protégé, knowledge-based systems, advisory systems, military recruitment committee

  • Repository of neural network models for spatial data analysis

    The article describes the development of a repository of neural network models designed to solve design problems in the field of spatial data analysis. The key options for using the system to provide support for making managerial decisions in the field of sustainable development are presented. The results of designing the ontological model of the repository are presented. The storage subsystem for neural network models is implemented in the form of a metalanguage. Models are converted into representations that are compatible with modern software systems for deep machine learning. The graphical web interfaces of the repository of deep neural network models and the visualization subsystem of deep machine learning models in the form of graph diagrams, as well as interfaces for obtaining structured information about specific neural network models are given. Within the framework of the repository, there is a subsystem for delimiting access rights for administrators and users of the system. The issues of updating the repository of deep neural network models in the process of solving practice-oriented problems in the field of ensuring the conditions for sustainable development of Russian regions and developing a recommender system for selecting and configuring neural network models stored in the repository are discussed.

    Keywords: repository, neural network, neural network model, deep learning, spatial data, geographic information system, interface, data exchange, object detection, application programming interfaces