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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Review of shallow foundations

    The article is an overview and is devoted to shallow foundations. The authors classify existing shallow foundations according to various criteria; consider non-standard foundations with an "atypical" structure that is rarely used in construction; emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of certain solutions, their features.

    Keywords: foundation, construction, shallow foundation, strip foundation, column foundation, building structures

  • Automation and control of technological processes of a promising checkpoint

    The restraining setting for customs administration at the border of the Russian Federation is the insufficient equipment and technological equipment of checkpoints. The current uniform requirements for equipment and material and technical equipment of buildings, premises and pass structures do not provide for the introduction of high new technological solutions that have appeared in recent years. Proposals are presented to improve the control system at checkpoints based on advanced technologies of Technet technologies and subtechnologies of end-to-end digital technology "Artificial Intelligence and Neurotechnologies".

    Keywords: customs, automation, end-to-end digital technologies, checkpoint

  • Features and possibilities of structural polymer concrete in modern construction

    The article considers the possibility of improving the physical, mechanical and environmental properties of polymer concrete by changing their component composition depending on the requirements for the operational characteristics of the construction object. Currently, the research of scientists is aimed at the development and implementation in construction practice of compositions of light building materials, the range of densities of which varies depending on the tasks set. Such an additive as glass, changing the physical properties of the material, significantly improves its characteristics, there are the following types of such concrete: glass concrete with fiber, concrete with optical fiber, with cullet, and also a solution where glass is used as a binding element. Liquid glass, when added to concrete, helps to improve the stability and strength of plaster and concrete structures. When using this material, you can find a lot of positive things. The environmental friendliness of the material expands the scope of its use, which is very important at the present time. The new material is easy to obtain, is made from affordable materials, has improved physical and mechanical characteristics, which makes it competitive among a wide range of products on the global construction market.

    Keywords: polymer concrete, liquid glass, glass concrete, optical fiber, cullet, modification, strength, composite material, glass fiber concrete, secondary raw materials

  • Features of construction technology of bases and foundations transport structures. Analysis key aspect

    The article discusses the problems and key points in the construction foundations of transport structures. The ways of solving the problems that arise during construction, as well as methods of quality control of materials and technological processes are proposed. The technical aspects of the construction of the armoured frame foundations are analyzed.

    Keywords: foundation, construction, transport structure, bridge, road, analysis, quality control, concrete, armature, construction, material

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • On evaluating the effectiveness of the use of transport models for fire management

    The transport problem (TS), as one of the forms of the linear programming problem, allows you to optimize the distribution of limited resources of fire departments (fire trucks, equipment and materials) over several simultaneous calls. The use of TOR, as an alternative to the current deterministic departure schedule, for resource allocation should increase the response efficiency, i.e. reduce damage. The article proposes an algorithm for estimating this amount of damage reduction based on the use of available official statistics on fires and taking into account the structure of the TK.

    Keywords: inverse problem, linear programming problem, spectrum of the problem, domain of feasible solutions, histogram of damage distribution

  • A model for assessing the timeliness and completeness of the exchange of information resources in corporate systems with a distributed registry

    The article considers a model for evaluating the performance indicators of information resource exchange in corporate systems, designed to analyze the ability of systems with a distributed registry to ensure the timeliness and completeness of information exchange. As the main indicator, it is proposed to take into account the probability of failure of a segment of the corporate system for each epoch. To find this indicator, we use probabilistic estimates of sums bounded from above by hypergeometric and binomial distributions with probability boundaries of Chebyshev, Heffding, and Schwatal. A numerical and comparative analysis of the proposed estimates is carried out.

    Keywords: distributed registry technology, information system, segmentation, block chain

  • Method for determining the curved line of the cranial suture based on convolutional neural networks

    The implantation of electrodes on the skull of mice requires precise positioning. For these purposes, it is necessary to create a coordinate system that rests on the cranial sutures. The aim of the work is to train a model based on convolutional neural networks. The model should automatically draw the seam line. Investigating this issue, a method for solving the problem of seam approximation based on U-net is proposed. This study faces the difficult problem of accurately locating the cranial suture. As part of the study, a structure similar to U-net was developed and thought out. The results of the work will allow biologists to perform more accurate stereotaxic operations, by inserting electrodes into a more precise position, to receive certain signals from the brain, in order to record changes when various aromas are applied to the mouse receptors.

    Keywords: convolutional neural network (CNN), seam approximation, fully convolutional network (FCN), deep learning, semantic segmentation, object segmentation, neural network, computer vision, biomedical image, machine learning, image processing

  • Application of neural networks for fixing voice recognition mistakes for editing source code using Google Cloud Speech

    The paper discusses improvement of approach to voice recognition for editing source code, using Google Cloud Speech. The improved approach combines neural networks with sound editing, editing distances, and replacement tables. The architecture for the recognition of Python language expressions is suggested. The results of the analysis of the testing approach on prototype program, that combines editing code on GitHub with Telegram, is discussed, The paper discusses advantages and disadvantages of the improved approach.

    Keywords: voice recognition, neural networks, machine learning, source code analysis, formal languages, editing distances

  • Methodology for ensuring the timeliness and completeness of the exchange of information resources in corporate networks with a distributed registry

    The article discusses the methodology for ensuring the timeliness and completeness of the exchange of information resources in corporate networks built on the basis of distributed registry technology, which takes into account the variability of the strategy of the behavior of the distributed registry system during information exchange. The technique takes into account non-standard functions, such as the formation of a branch of the processed data and the impact of an attacker, and also allows you to determine the average value of the block generation delay time by adjusting the number of operations required to solve the block. The use of this method allows to increase the value of the indicator of timeliness and completeness of the exchange of information resources in the corporate network by 30% compared to the existing system of information exchange.

    Keywords: distributed registry technology, corporate network, information resources

  • Methods for processing and visualizing data in the web interface using the Dimensional Charting library

    This paper demonstrates an approach to data visualization using manipulations with json data. Based on the Dimensional Charting library, you can render graphical information taking into account the processing of big data, since interactive data visualization in the web interface is widely used in analyzing user traffic on the Internet. Dimensional Charting is the link between the two built-in libraries. The Crossfilter library is responsible for sorting, filtering big data, and d3.js it is necessary for drawing graphic material on html pages. Thanks to new technologies, you can process big data without using third-party programming languages.

    Keywords: data processing, data visualization, filtering, sorting dimensional charting, javascript, json, crossfilter, data-driven documents

  • Research of the difference model of coordination of public and private interests of resource allocation in marketing networks by simulation methods

    The article deals with the difference model of coordination of general and private interests in the distribution of resources in marketing networks. The dynamics of a managed system describes the interaction of members of the target audience (base agents), leading to a change in their opinions (spending on the purchase of goods and services of firms competing in a certain market). The gain of each firm includes two components: the total opinion of the base agents, taking into account marketing costs (the common interest for all agents of influence) and the return on investment in some private activity. The Coordinating Center determines the marketing budgets of the firms and maximizes the total opinion of the base agents, taking into account the resources allocated to the firms. The total discounted income of the Center and the agents of influence are found. The results are analyzed and the optimal allocation of resources is concluded.

    Keywords: models of coordination of public and private interests, simulation, modeling, marketing, resource allocation, budget, private activity

  • Research of methods of loading of bales of biomass

    This study shows how it is possible to reduce the cost of transporting bales of biomass from the place of their production – the field, to the place of storage and processing on farms. The developed model of increasing the number of small warehouses allows farmers to transport round bales to storage locations in the most efficient way. The calculation was carried out in a field with an area of 16 hectares, the optimal distance for transporting bales is 0.8 km.

    Keywords: straw, bale, biomass bale crop parts, bale logistics, bale transport from the field, delivery efficiency, transportation costs, bale storage locations, front loader, self-loading trailer

  • Functional method for parametrization Volterra-Wiener model

    The paper presents a description of the method for parametrization the kernels of the Volterra-Wiener series using the functional derivative. The method is considered in detail using the example of the nonlinear differential Riccati equation and is confirmed by system identification.

    Keywords: Volterra-Wiener functional series, parametrization, Riccati equation, system identification

  • Method for determining the magnetic characteristics of high-coercive permanent magnets using the wavelet transform

    A method for measuring the magnetic characteristics of high-coercive permanent magnets made of rare-earth materials, such as neodymium-iron-boron and samarium-cobalt, is proposed. The essence of the method is as follows: the data on the measured supply voltage and the characteristics of the magnetizing installation base a mathematical model; the measured shape of the magnetizing current pulse is fed into the mathematical model and compared with the simulated current pulse in the comparison device; further, if the difference in current characteristics does not satisfy the measurement accuracy, then adjustments are made to the mathematical model. Thus, the mathematical model determines the magnetic characteristics of a permanent high-coercive magnet. The method is developed based on full-scale model tests using a multiphysical computer model. The implementation of the measurement method is based on modern IT solutions, the multiphysical model is built in the COMSOL Multiphysics software package.

    Keywords: magnet, magnetic parameter, multiphysical model, magnetization, highly coercive material, neodymium, wavelet, Fourier analysis, COMSOL

  • Fiber-optic current sensor based on the Bragg grid

    The article considers the issue of measuring and controlling the parameters of a high-voltage AC circuit using a Bragg grid. A model of a fiber-optic sensor based on the magnetostriction effect, the main component of which is a fiber-Bragg grating, is proposed. The 3D modeling of the magnetostriction process and the design of the block diagram are carried out.

    Keywords: optical fiber, magnetostriction, bragg grid, AC, sensor, solenoid, coil, nickel, ferrite, MathCAD, COMSOL

  • Features of constructing a mathematical model of compaction of subsidence soils by deep explosions

    The method of compaction of subsident soils by deep explosions is widely used in civil construction of buildings and structures. It is characterized by high efficiency of soil compaction and low financial costs for the production of works. This emphasizes the undoubted advantage of the method in comparison with other analogues. In this paper, some features of constructing a mathematical model of compaction of subsident soils by deep explosions are described. The conditions for the existence and uniqueness of the solution of boundary value problems in the framework of the investigated model are given.

    Keywords: subsidence soil, loess, deep explosion, concentrated charge, elongated charge, soil compaction, mathematical model, diffusion equation, boundary value problem, solvability of the model

  • Modeling administrative corruption in the model of combining general and private interests, taking into account the costs of agency control

    The article is devoted to the study of administrative corruption in the model of combining general and private interests, taking into account the costs of controlling agents. As the subject of research, we considered mathematical models of a combination of general and private interests of a hierarchical structure such as "Principal-Agent" and "Supervisor-Agent". The administrative control mechanism was investigated for the case where the principal sets a lower constraint.

    Keywords: models of the combination of general and private interests, corruption, resource allocation, hierarchical systems, management systems, the Germeier-Vatel idea, private and common interests, principal, agent, center, administrative mechanism

  • A method of sending messages, using best practices for organizing data exchange and cryptographic instant messaging protocols using end-to-end encryption

    This article proposes the development of a method for transmitting secure messages using a combination of best practices for organizing data exchange and cryptographic instant messaging protocols using end-to-end encryption. It considers ways of organizing an application using a peer-to-peer network and client-server architecture. It analyzes popular instant messaging protocols using end-to-end encryption. The software components of the application based on the developed method are described.

    Keywords: messenger, end-to-end encryption, cryptographic protocol, instant messaging, peer-to-peer network, client-server

  • Solving the problem of ensuring optimal efficiency of distributed information processing systems

    The paper presents a formalized statement of the problem for conducting a comparative analysis of the efficiency of distributed information processing systems. Reliability, technical-operational and technical-economic indicators of the distributed information processing systems functioning were selected as the main efficiency criteria. At the conceptual level, this problem was reduced to the problem of vector optimization, the solution of which is associated with significant difficulties. An alternative approach to solving this problem is proposed.

    Keywords: distributed information processing system, vector optimization, availability factor, average system response time, fault tolerance coefficients, total downtime cost

  • Method for processing the performance data of actuator drives to predict their reliability

    Actuator drives are widely used both in consumer electronics and in industrial systems: as all kinds of locks, couplings; as part of valves that control the flow of liquids or gases; in robotics; alarm systems, etc. In the event of a failure of the actuator drive, it is not typical for it to restore the operating mode. As a consequence, predicting reliability plays an important role. The article discusses the development of a method for processing the weber-ampere characteristics of actuator drives. Weber-ampere characteristics are converted into ampere-weber ones, reflected by the maximum flux linkage value, and interpolated by the current values ​​that are the same for all characteristics. The characteristics obtained in this way are transformed by the method of principal components and are represented by a point in three-dimensional space. By the location of the points of the center of mass and the dispersion of the groups of characteristics of one electromagnetic drive, a forecast is made about its state by the time of the next check according to the regulations. This method was applied to the characteristics of 10 actuator drives, each of which was subjected to mechanical resistance during operation. The characteristics transferred into the space of the principal components forms a figure resembling a boomerang. The movement of points from the upper edge of the "boomerang" through the center to the lower edge reflects the deterioration of its working properties.

    Keywords: prediction, reliability, actuator drive, weber-ampere characteristic, principal components, flux linkage, data processing, duty cycle, malfunction, Statistica, points cloud, performance data

  • Conrol system of "Smart house" by concept of "Internet of things"

    The goal of document is to develop a system which will allow user to control connected home appliances remotely using an android app. The advantages of this project are safety of using and saving human’s and electric energy. This system is separated to software and hardware module. MCU is the central device in this project, by which we can control: fan, a/c , lights and e.t.c , depending on we connect. Discussing a lot about safety of using home automation system by internet of things. Making conclusions by example Fibaro house center and his weakness of safety information. Review an app on Android and create a simple script on Lua ,so that when accessing the module via HTTP, information is displayed from it.

    Keywords: Home automation system, Internet of things, smart home, cybersafety, android, server cloud, Lua script, Web-server,serial number and key, HTTP

  • Improve the accuracy of finding anomalies in data based on the ensemble of models

    This article discusses how to develop and configure a set of models to find anomalies in data. A structural diagram of a model ensemble and a flowchart of an algorithm for searching for anomalies in data are proposed. An increase in the accuracy of finding anomalies when using an ensemble of models is shown.

    Keywords: anomaly, algorithm, model ensemble, accuracy, confusion matrix, data set, committee, clustering, console application, model

  • Technical science. Building and architecture