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  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Optical parameters of ternary reciprocal molten salt systems

    Shows concentration changes of refractive index in binary systems of molten salts of alkali metals containing nitrite - and nitrate - anions. Refractive indices and molar refraction of the system KNO3 - NaNO2, and NaNO3 – KNO2 affirmed the concept of additivity and linearity of the isotherms changes in the composition.

    Keywords: molten salt, nitrites and nitrates of alkali metals, refractive index, refraction

  • Simulation of electrostatic gas powder flow control

    This paper describes the process of the flight of powder particles when departing from a nozzle during laser deposition under the influence of an electrostatic field created by electrostatic lenses. Electrostatic force acting on charged particles, interaction between particles, dipole interaction with a field, and gravity are taken into account.

    Keywords: simulation, laser cladding, gas powder flow control, electrostatic lens, focusing

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • About some features of planning and statistical processing of results of fatigue tests of samples.

    The generalized approach of statistical processing of results of fatigue tests of samples on the basis of a choice of numerical characteristics of parameter of static durability, processing of results of fatigue tests with use of methods of mathematical statistics, construction of a fatigue curve according to the linear regression analysis of mechanical characteristics of materials of designs and machines, definition of parameters of function of distribution of a limit of endurance by results of processing of diagrams of step change of loading is offered.

    Keywords: Static strength, cyclic strength, reliability, mechanical properties of materials, endurance limit, mathematical statistics, linear regression analysis, method of step change of load, test planning

  • Adaptation of work of the enterprise of car service to seasonal fluctuation of demand for THAT and repair of motor vehicles

    Features of functioning of the enterprises of car service at increase in seasonal demand for THAT and repair of motor vehicles are considered. For the analysis of their activity in the conditions of limited resources and a random flow of applications (requirements) the device of system of Queuing is applied

    Keywords: Enterprise car service, the flow of requirements probability, criteria, costs, efficiency

  • Method of recognition of plant diseases by textural signs using fuzzy logic

    A new method, including fuzzification operation, representing the calculation of the membership functions of the key parameters of the R, G, B, RG, RB, GB components of the original color RGB photographs of plant leaves and the GLCM adjacency matrix, the formation of fuzzy conclusions about the type of plant disease, defusing using threshold binarization signs and majority voting on 24 parameters.

    Keywords: GLCM - matrix, fuzzy logic, functions of accessories, binarization of key characteristics, majority voting

  • Methods of functional and logical modeling of associative memory devices and systems

    A methodology for the study of associative memory devices and systems in the environment of functional-logical modeling MatLab / Simulink and the development tools of programmable logic integrated circuits is proposed. To this end, it is proposed to implement the typing of the representation and modeling of such devices and systems by implementing the characteristics of the representation and organization of network associative structures in the modeling environment.

    Keywords: Associative memory devices and systems, functional and logical modeling

  • Mathematical model of the formation of cavitation bubbles in a centrifugal pump

    The process of cavitation is one of the reasons for the premature wear of pumping equipment components. Elements of a pumping wheel are subject to the greatest wear. In addition, cavitation causes undesirable effects such as vibration and noise. In order to reduce cavitational damage and increase the service life of pumping equipment, the authors of this article propose to install a special-shaped flow divider at the pump inlet that breaks the flow entering the pump into separate jets of a certain shape and structure.

    Keywords: fluid, centrifugal pump, regulation, cavitation, flow, bubble, flow divider

  • Dynamic characteristics of the relative humidity sensor

    The article considers the solution of the problem of determining the dynamic characteristics of the relative humidity sensor, the mathematical model of which was based on the first order aperiodic link. The solution algorithm consists in minimizing the value of the standard mismatch of the approximating function and the set of experimental data. The results of processing experiments with the DHT-22 temperature and humidity sensor are presented. The sensor was placed three times in a medium with high humidity, which allowed to obtain an average experimental transient response. The period of measurement and registration of humidity and temperature was 1.5 seconds. The proposed method of calculating the dynamic parameters of the sensor allowed to determine the value of the time constant and the gain of the aperiodic link for the sensor under study. The obtained dynamic characteristics can be used to form an inverse transfer function for the humidity sensor.

    Keywords: capacitive humidity sensor transient response, the sequence of measurements, the time constant, the minimization of the error

  • Software for multivariate analysis of variance

    The object of research in this article has become a rather important topic of describing such a statistical method as analysis of variance. The fact is that many software products consider, basically, a case when the number of factors is not more than two. With the exception of such a powerful product as a SPSS Statistica. The same can be attributed to scientific works, where the method of analysis of variance with a large number of factors is very rarely considered and described (often, when it comes to multifactorial analysis of variance, two factors are also considered). Therefore, an analysis was made of the existing mathematical apparatus, a proprietary idea was proposed for the implementation of this statistical method, and was created a software product to demonstrate how its work.

    Keywords: variance analysis, general case, software implementation

  • Simulation of the pasteurization process using system analysis methods using functional risk analysis

    The article is devoted to the study of the possibility of applying the methods of system analysis in modeling the process of pasteurization of milk. The paper discusses structural-parametric, functional-operator, informational and target management models for a convenient "description" of the pasteurization process. The resulting models and their coefficients describing the process of pasteurization, based on the methods of system analysis, are suitable for the practical solution of the problem of managing the production process. The authors applied functional risk analysis and identified the risks of milk pasteurization.

    Keywords: system analysis, pasteurization, milk, risk, modeling, process, functional risk analysis, system analysis, model, production

  • Determination dominating set intuitionistic fuzzy graph

    In this paper, the concept of minimal intuitionistic dominating vertex subset of intuitionistic fuzzy graph was considered, and on its basis the notion of a domination set as an invariant of the intuitionistic fuzzy graph was considered. A method and an algorithm for finding all minimal intuitionistic dominating vertex subset and domination set were proposed. This method is the generalization of Maghout’s method for fuzzy graphs. The example of finding the domination set of the intuitionistic fuzzy graph was considered as well. The considered method and algorithm can be used to find other invariants, in particular, externally stable set, intuitionistic base and antibase of the intuitionistic fuzzy graphs.

    Keywords: intuitionistic fuzzy set, degree of belonging, degree of non-belonging, fuzzy relation, intuitionistic fuzzy graph, intuitionistic fuzzy graph of the first kind, domination set, algorithm, disjunctive member, adjacency matrix

  • Model for estimating the complexity of physical schema for relational database

    In work area of application for quantitative metrics of databases are considered. Quality control of the database scheme is impossible without numerical indicators. Metrics of the database can be calculated it is automated that guarantees the accuracy and recurrence of such measurements. In article the model for assessment of complexity of the physical scheme for relational database based on metrics of the table of the database is offered. For the offered model by using the method of T. Saati, received coefficients which consider extent of influence of each metrics on complexity of the database. On the example of real projects for databases quantitative measurements of their metrics in MySQL are executed. The comparative analysis of the results obtained for the model of complexity estimates for various projects of physical schemes for databases and the amount of information contained in sql-scripts of these databases are described.

    Keywords: evaluation of complexity, database, physical schema, model, SQL, entropy

  • Application of simulation models to the IC parameters testing of pulse voltage converters

    The paper reveals data on the development of simulation models of integrated circuit pulse voltage converters for applying in automated measuring equipment used in the tests of integrated circuits. The integrated circuit of switching voltage converter LM2676 was simulated taking into account heat generation and taking into account the mutual influence of crystal temperature on external electrical characteristics as part of a general behavioral model.The authors obtained results and dependences, coinciding with the experimental data and with the SPICE model at the transistor level, that reflects the influence of the crystal temperature on the the chip operation. In addition, the authors consider a possibility of using behavioral models as a source of reference information in the process of testing electronic components.

    Keywords: ATE, integrated circuit (IC) testing, switching voltage converters, behavioral model, VHDL-AMS

  • Domain modeling to support the operation of technical systems

    The article discusses an integrated approach based on the use of expert knowledge to develop a conceptual domain model in terms of monitoring the required operational reliability of technical systems. The need to formalize the key task of logistics analysis is necessary to provide support for the operation of equipment and the creation of an integrated logistics system.

    Keywords: integrated logistic support, life cycle, functional failure, operational reliability, severity of consequences

  • Fixed-wing UAVs navigation in the presence of wind: a survey

    Innovative organizations have begun to use fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for healthcare delivery since they can fly faster and provide a proper solution in locations with difficult access or unsafe to human life. Moreover, they assure greater utility and better cost effectiveness than manned aircraft. However, the wind affects both the longitudinal and the lateral variables of the fixed-wing UAV contributing to its nonlinear and due to such external disturbances the UAV can fail its mission. Therefore, this review paper discusses on effects of wind disturbances on navigation of fixed-wing UAV. Full nonlinear equations of motion by including the effects of the wind on the fixed-wing UAV performance are developed. Also an overview of different approaches is presented.

    Keywords: Unmanned aerial vehicle, fixed-wing UAV, navigation control, wind disturbances

  • Modern Internet security threats and countermeasures (review)

    Over the past decades, the Internet has changed our lives and ways of doing our daily activities. The Internet has changed the methods of communication, and for many enterprises and organizations the technology has changed. In today's business environment, if an organization does not have any presence on the Internet, it risks remaining behind its competitors, as the Internet and technology continues to develop and develop us. This paper provides a small review of the literature on Internet security threats. Typical threats are classified and their effects are shown. Methodical recommendations for their minimization are given.

    Keywords: computer security, security threats, spoofing, denial of service, DoS, DDoS, cyber security

  • The method of improving the quality of single-image video sequences

    The article discusses the causes of the emergence of digital noise in video sequence images. It is proposed to evaluate the effectiveness of noise suppression methods by measuring the peak signal-to-noise ratio. A method is proposed for preliminary improvement of the quality of images in a video sequence for further processing in order to search and recognize objects on a complex background. The originality of the method consists in using the analysis of the contribution coefficient of single images in a video sequence. The results of experiments with images from the USC-SIPI database are presented. The results obtained are not inferior to their counterparts, and surpass them in some indicators.

    Keywords: video sequence processing, video enhancement, object recognition on a complex background

  • The situational center as the instrument of management of education in the region

    In article the situational centers operating in the territory of Russia in the educational sphere are considered, their classification is offered and need of expansion of functionality of their activity is revealed. The structural model of the innovative situational center within the certain region allowing to carry out processing of big data arrays that will increase efficiency of decision-making process in crisis situations is developed. This model is universal and applicable to any region.

    Keywords: situational center, education, model, region, information systems, management, digitalization, information system

  • The model of production management based on growth accelerators

    It is shown that the production conflict, both structurally and dynamically strictly determined within the paradigm of structural management of production. The system essence of the production conflict determines the need to involve methods and tools of system analysis, in particular, the method of cognitive analysis. The model of management of the production company is offered. The model is based on a distributed combination of positive feedback loops. The model allows to organize a continuous cycle of self-development. This is achieved by self-locking conflicts in the underlying loop factors. The principal difference of the model is the formation of two additional "positive" contours. These contours cover the tangent base contour. The formal increase in the number of growth accelerators increases the system's ability to overcome conflicts in the basic circuit. The dual-accelerator circuit is a guarantee of sustainable control . The control model demonstrates the growth of causal integration and the level of self-determination in comparison with the initial potential.

    Keywords: production management, structure, model, growth cycle, growth accelerator, self-determination

  • Neural Network Application Methods Used to Evaluate and Increase Photorealism of Virtual Reality

    The article focuses on the possibility of using neural networks to increase the level of the graphic component of virtual reality. An image quality evaluation method using three criteria is examined: photorealism of image macrostructure, photorealism of image microstructure, as well as the level of its distortion. Its implementation relies on the VGG neural network, trained in a variety of images, evaluated by the presented criteria. After metric realization is complete, a method is proposed that has to do with automatic selection of parameters and contents of the virtual scene with metric maximization in the images obtained from different angles. Next, a method is considered and evaluated, where rendering algorithm is replaced by a neural network. At which point, methods to improve the quality of the final image are suggested. Based on the results of the experiments, Wasserstein generative adversarial networks (WGAN), distinguished by the highest level of image quality, are singled out. Further on an option is proposed to improve this approach in terms of speed and quality of the result that consists of breaking up one large network into an ensemble of smaller ones. It should be emphasized that each network of the ensemble processes only part of the image relating to one type of segment. Next, it is prudent to consider the possibility of applying this algorithm in real time, to which end optimization of neural networks is conducted to the detriment of quality, but with a significant increase in execution speed.

    Keywords: Image quality enhancement, image quality evaluation metrics, neural networks, virtual reality, synthetic data, GAN, WGAN, photorealistic synthetic images

  • Elaboration of methods for determining wind loads for objects of parametric architecture

    The article considers the modeling of wind impact on the objects of parametric architecture. To determine the optimal shape of the surface, the evolution of the analytical surface shaping, formed by congruent curves in parallel planes, obtained by the rotation of the reulault triangle with a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation, is studied. Based on the results of a numerical experiment using the finite element method, the rational analytical surface of the object of parametric architecture, resistant to wind, is determined. The dynamic characteristics of the object of parametric architecture are obtained. Recommendations are given to clarify the methods of determining the wind load for buildings and structures of complex geometric shape.

    Keywords: parametric architecture; wind load; modal analysis; pulsation component; building frame; finite element method

  • Critical selection surface of an acceptable system for collecting, transmitting and displaying information of a communication center of the Coastal Control Center for autonomous uninhabited underwater vehicles

    In this paper we consider the problem of choosing an acceptable system of collection, transmission and display of information of the coastal control center of Autonomous uninhabited vehicles (ANPA) in the theory of decision-making. In the case of an exponential decision-making system, which provides a hypothesis about the acceptability of the system of collection, transmission and display of information, it is necessary to determine the total time of semantic identification of forest topology "A" - graph [1] (the principle of additivity). This requires additional test experiments or known data on the time of understanding the semantics in specific situations. If this time is less than the normative, or more precisely the time of compromise, then such a system of collection, transmission and display of information can be recommended for operation in an exponential decision-making system. Otherwise, such a system cannot be recommended to the decision-maker of the type under discussion.

    Keywords: the system of collection, transmission and display of information (TDI) of the communication center of the coastal control center (as CCCCC) Autonomous uninhabited devices (AUD), decision-maker (DM), cognitive function of DM

  • Technical science. Building and architecture