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Development of a method for analog signature analysis


Development of a method for analog signature analysis

Kryukov D.A., Lankin M.V., Lankin A.M., Blazhkova Yе.N., Gorokhovatenko Ye.S., Ogorodnikov I.A.

Incoming article date: 17.06.2021

In modern times due to the growth of mass production of electronic devices, it becomes necessary to quickly and accurately verify their characteristics. At the same time, device testing, as a rule, includes a set of different types of checks performed at different stages of the production process. In particular, the analog signature analysis method is used for these purposes. It allows you to quickly detect faults at the component level, which makes it useful in various stages of production, such as incoming inspection, testing printed circuit boards or repairing faulty devices. This article discusses the basic principles of the method, as well as the features of its application.

Keywords: analog signature analysis, component level testing, current-voltage characteristic, fault localization