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Determining the periodicity of vehicle maintenance


Determining the periodicity of vehicle maintenance

Kobersy I.S., Kramarenko E.R., Shkurkin D.V., Denisova G.V., Finaev V.I.

Incoming article date: 15.06.2015

The paper discusses methods for determining the frequency of maintenance (MOT). The proposed method allows to simulate the technical condition of the vehicle under various conditions and modes of its movement, taking into account the random nature of the changes of various factors. The proposed method takes into account the probability of failure for a given range of the vehicle (TC), as a generalized description of the technical condition of the car, indirectly affect most of its domestic individual characteristics and external destabilizing factors. The novelty of the method lies in the fact that takes into account not only the standard run, and an optimum set of operations in a particular embodiment, service and repair. To allow for individual TC correction coefficients of standards periodicity TO calculated using fuzzy logic.

Keywords: manufacturing program of motor transport enterprise, evaluation of technical condition of the vehicle, maintenance intervals, fuzzy logic