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Attenuator for high-speed input circuit analog-digital interfaces


Attenuator for high-speed input circuit analog-digital interfaces

N.N. Prokopenko, V.V. Suvorov

Incoming article date: 28.03.2013

This article addresses options for building advanced of resistive voltage dividers (attenuator), providing a reduction in a given number of once input voltage in a wide range of operating frequencies. To correct the frequency error in the AT parasitic capacitance the load is proposed modified scheme with the special frequency attenuator correction, which allows for one to two orders extend the range of working frequencies the AT and increase performance.
Results of computer modeling.

Keywords: attenuator, a resistive voltage divider, the parasitic capacitance load correction capacitor, speed, large-amplitude pulse signal, the compensation effect, the upper frequency limit, broadband, analog-to-digital interfaces