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Environmental technologies in the construction of student campuses


Environmental technologies in the construction of student campuses

Sheina S.G., Pasko E.A.

Incoming article date: 01.10.2023

The article presents an analysis of modern environmental technologies used in the construction of student campuses. It explores innovative methods and approaches that enable higher education institutions to create sustainable and environmentally friendly campuses. The application of technologies such as energy-efficient buildings, the use of renewable energy sources, waste management systems, green spaces and much more are also considered. The article evaluates the benefits of these technologies, including reduced environmental impacts, economic benefits, and improved quality of life for students. Emphasizes the importance of integrating environmental considerations into campus construction and management to create sustainable and healthy environments for the student community.

Keywords: design, student campus, student dormitory, energy efficiency, landscaping, construction, self-sufficiency, materials, architectural solutions