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  • Innovative engineering - the path to the realization of original ideas and breakthrough technologies

    Ingenuity in the new science is different from the inventive technique that invented intangible tools of knowledge - concepts, principles, laws. Modern inventor of new technology, wanting to maximize their arsenal, serious scientific knowledge, without which the inventors treated wheels, the steam engine and mousetraps .In this regard, the development of the Russian innovation system needs a dramatic increase in research universities. The article deals with examples of scientific discoveries that demonstrate that the knowledge economy promising raw material economy. And in first place in the priorities therefore goes high quality engineering education. In Russia almost no programs for innovative engineering, a course which has been developed by Israeli scientists Clement Levkova and Oleg Figovsky. While it is realized only by the Open University Skolkovo. In particular, this course shows that the development of innovative products is the preparation and implementation of innovative changes and consists of interconnected phases forming a unified whole. The innovation process involves the creation, development and dissemination of innovations. It is a common goal of a certain subject innovation economy. This activity is aimed at implementing the completed research and engineering applications in the form of new or significantly improved and marketable product. Results of innovation are new or modified processes used in practice, as well as associated with these changes, additional research and development. Innovative engineering is based on the systematic, focused and coordinated interaction of all participants in the innovation process at the executive level. However, the implementation of the innovation life cycle stages of technical innovation central figure is an innovative engineer. Innovative engineer carried out the task of building a functional model (structural and functional image) future innovation and its prototype. Without the introduction of this course is difficult to expect a breakthrough in the Russian engineering education.

    Keywords: engineering education, innovation process, innovative engineering, innovative engineer.

  • Universal method of synthesis of optimal control of nonlinear Lagrang dynamic systems

    Universal method of optimal control synthesis offers a versatile method for the synthesis of optimal controls provides a solution to the synthesis problem for the class of piecewise constant functions for Lagrangian dynamical systems, the shape of the control law depends only on the structure of the cost functional and does not depend on the structure of the existing system of generalized forces. The effectiveness of the method is confirmed by a minimum of computational costs, as well as the maximum rate of convergence and accuracy to achieve the desired trajectory in comparison with the known solution for example has become a test for testing various control methods for the synthesis problem of a simple pendulum.

    Keywords: combined maximum principle, optimal control, mathematical pendulum

  • Formation control systems sales in Russian entrepreneurial companies

    The aim of this work is to study the prevalence of quantitative indicators described earlier implementations of functions and types of soup soup on a number of modern Russian markets, as well as an analysis of the mechanisms of formation of different types of soup. The study tested the accuracy of the following hypotheses.

    Keywords: The mechanism of formation, identified types of systems sales management, classification of the types of systems sales management, efficient operation.


    Considered feature design of pump and presents the results of a study of Assembly parts: pump shaft, cotters, impellers. Research of include: measurement of runout of the shaft and the shaft with working wheels, on the basis of measurements was concluded. 

    Keywords: Assembly, shaft, wheel, analysis, heartbeat, gap.

  • The analysis of work of building elements hermetic shell nuclear power plant during preliminary tension and testing

    Design of the protective hermetic shell of the reactor compartment of the nuclear power plant discusses in the article. The possible deformation of elements of the hermetic shell during preliminary tension  and testing is considered

    Keywords: protective hermetic shell; change of form; deformation; strength tests

  • Nonferroelectric ceramic of La2-xSrxNiO4 with colossal permittivity

    By self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHTS) prepared fine powder оf La2-xSrxNiO4 composition , which is used to obtain dense ceramics exhibiting the properties of n-type semiconductor. Prolonged annealing of the samples resulted in a decrease of the conductivity on the order of 3-4, and the changing nature of the dielectric spectrum: dielectric constant ε' has a stable value of 4·104 Hz in the range of 0,4 − 1·105 Hz .

    Keywords: dielectric constant, phase separation, nikelate of strontium lanthanum, self-extending high-temperature synthesis

  • Prospects for the development of the agricultural enterprises of Rostov region and the problems of their energy supply.

    In the article were considered are questions that characterize the status and of the development of agro-industrial enterprises of Rostov region, are presented the main areas of support for the agricultural sector with the support of federal and regional programs, were reflected of the forecasted capacity for the production and processing of products on the end of the programs. Were identified potential problems associated with energy supply companies emerging to the next level of production of the produce that adversely affect the results of the agricultural development programs, were offered a ways out of the situation.

    Keywords: The State Programme, the development of agriculture, the regional target program of development, concept, investment projects, the production and processing of agricultural production.

  • Electrobiographs of Rostov in the early twentieth century: technology and people

    This article is devoted to emergence and development of cinema on Don Region. Attention paid on the first picture theatres in Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog and Novocherkassk and their technical equipment (bioscope, biofonograf, teatrograf cosmography, vivantograf, fonohromoskopograf). In this research submitted the first main films and reaction of society and governance on them. As special aspects of cinema industry development viewed problems of professional cinema community and main tendencies of that sphere of cultural life 

    Keywords: cinematograph,еlektrobiograf, technology, cinema, picture palace,full-length film, a silent movie, spirituality, development trends

  • Terms of structural and functional stability of transport and logistics cluster

    The authors implemented methodological apparatus homeostatics used to determine the effect of the internal contradictions of the processes of functioning and development of socio-economic systems and management to the survival of the system and its transition to a new stable state.

    Keywords: structural and functional stability of the transport and logistics cluster, the cybernetic approach Homeostatics

  • The classification soil and groundwater conditions as an important factor of a selection of types and designs of machines for clearing forest areas during the building of line objects

    Questions of the classification soil and groundwater conditions  were considered as an important factor of a selection of  types and designs of machines for clearing forest areas from a tree and scrub vegetation. Taking into account the executed analysis the classification of the conditions was proposed the application of machines for clearing the forest area.

    Keywords: Tree and scrub vegetation, soil and groundwater conditions, clearing the forest area

  • Spatial organization grouping signals in associative processes of artificial neural networks

    The article discusses issues related to the development of the optimal structure of neural networks. One of the major problems in the synthesis neural conrollers is ensuring optimal number of neurons and connections between layers  in the network. Necessary to achieve a compromise between the representational network capabilities, and memory that will be required to store it. The article presents a number of heuristics, allowing to reach such a compromise by limiting the number of connections for each neuron.
    This is done through the introduction of two characteristics for the neuron: the radius of the coverage and density of connections. Coverage radius determines the number of neurons that could potentially have a connection to this neuron, and the density of the compound gives the actual number of such compounds. Altogether, these characteristics determine the amount of synaptic connections, which can have a neuron. The article presents the heuristics that allow to define these characteristics depending on the network structure.  

    Keywords: neural network, neural controller, associative memory, machine learning, optimization

  • Morphological analysis locating chart and of the roller for grinding spherical ends taper

    A new classification  of  criterions methods of the setting-up roller for grinding spherical ends. Structural analysis of the locating charts and the search for new technological schemes and possible implementation on the basis of morphological method using the proposed criteria. Identified basic directions of  evolution of the technology of grinding spherical ends roller.

    Keywords: bearing, taper roller, spherical end, base, locating, locating point, locating chart, setting-up.

  • Calculations of the characteristics of a systemic in transport and logistics cluster

    Using the expression for the dynamic model calculations were performed, identified analytical and graphical relationship between resistance, systemic and the number of enterprises - participants cluster associations to characterize the sustainability of transport and logistics cluster to fluctuations in external traffic

    Keywords: transport and logistics cluster, the dynamic model of stability

  • Mathematical model and optimization of parameters of work of a lamellar recuperator

    Use nonconventional and renewables has important economic value for energy saving. Lamellar recuperators are applied to a reuse of heat of departing air in system of ventilation of buildings. Its functional mathematical model is developed for increase of energy efficiency and optimization of parameters of work of a lamellar recuperator. On the basis of mathematical model the criterion of optimization is defined and optimum modes of functioning of a recuperator of ventilating air are established. As a result of researches it is established that the heating of external air is necessary for increase of overall performance of a recuperator before an entrance to a recuperator. For the solution of this task it is offered to use soil the heat exchanger.

    Keywords: mathematical model, lamellar recuperator, nonconventional power sources, optimization, energy saving

  • The potential drivers of tracked forestry machines

    A comparison of wheeled and tracked vehicles propulsion forest. It is shown that the bulk of overseas logging operations, the construction of infrastructure facilities, the primary transport of forest produce machines with paddle wheels. It is proved that under natural conditions of production are tracked significant potential movers. Given the requirements of prospective car on the engine power, weight, ground pressure, speed and carrying capacity.

    Keywords: crawler gear, wheel propulsion, forest equipment, potential.

  • On application to the evaluation of resource theory of competitive advantages of the region in the field of environmental management

    It is shown that the competitive advantages of the Republic of Karelia in environmental management are largely determined by natural resources, the state of transport and energy infrastructure, geographical location and can be realized by incorporating state programs initiated by the republican authorities scale innovative programs to implement the " Pudozh megaproject ", " Karelian recreational cluster "and programs for the development of transport and energy infrastructure.

    Keywords: Competitive advantages , environmental management , region, resource-based theory .

  • Russian language in Finland: Problems and Prospects

    It is shown that the issue of promotion of the Russian language in Finland is highly relevant, and its implementation should be multi-layered, designed for children, pupils, students, professionals of various of specialties: businessman, forest and miners, IT professionals, spe skilled in the hospitality and tourism service, etc.

    Keywords: business, promotion, Russian language, children, special-ists, students, Finland, schoolchildren.

  • The modeling of distribution of felling area in conditions of territorial inconsistency of timber consumers.

    This paper presents mathematic model of optimization of expenses of stock-piling of timber and logging timber from felling areas to timber consumers by transport networks. This model optimize technological processes which appears during the process of stock-piling of timber and logging timber. 

    Keywords: log truck, rail transportation in timber processing complex.

  • Ultrasonic examination technology of nuclear reactor’s industrial pipelines

    Acoustic system parameters were selected and calculated: wave modes used when controlling, wave entry and frequency angles according to kind of decay process and ultrasonic attenuation. Control procedure was developed

    Keywords: ultrozvuk, frequency, attenuation process, technology, acoustic system

  • Model of dynamic management of a laser beam and a blood-groove on the basis of a biological feed-back

    The method of laser therapy is based on synchronization of phases of inflow (anacrotism) and outflow of blood (catacrotism) in the field of the pathological center with phases of a being narrowed and extending laser spot on a projection of this pathological center. It is supposed that being narrowed on a projection of the pathological center the spot of laser light stimulates blood inflow to the spot center, and the extending spot of a laser beam – activates blood outflow in the direction from the spot center to its periphery. The developed technique of the automated correction of hemodynamic frustration consists in pilot signal formation (in charge of the power and laser positioning) for the laser machine on the basis of a difference between a reference rheogram and a rheogram of the patient (a body site) in real time.The offered technique has to allow to use more efficiently methods of laser therapy at treatment of violations of a blood-groove. The technique is calculated on the basis of numerical experiment by means of methods of mathematical model operation.In the real experiment the question of synchronization of the reference and measured signal is considered solved though this task represents a subject of separate researches.The received pilot signal can be in real time transformed to the current signal operating positioning and laser power.The method gives the chance of an operating control of a condition of the patient and blood-groove diagnostics to, in time and after a session of laser therapy. Development provides possibility of adaptive individual correction and optimization of parameters of influence during a session and a course of treatment.

    Keywords: laser, therapy, technique, rheogram, diagnostics, blood-groove, management, signal

  • Nonstoichiometry and electrochromism of oxides and polyalkaline tungsten bronzes

    Nonstoichiometric tungsten oxides WO3–x and oxide alkaline tungsten bronzes have been studied because of their potential applications in electrochromic devices such as solar panel arrays and “smart windows”. Different phases of 
    WO3–x have been considered. In this part we present results of our research which clearly show that all Magneli phases of tungsten oxides  WOx (namely W40O118, W20O58, W5O14, W18O49, W8O23, W3O8) and oxide tungsten bronzes MxMyWO3 at M-Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs. They are characterized by metal – like properties. Their band structures display an energy gap in the valence band just below the Fermi level.
    We present results of our electrochemical synthesis of tungsten oxide bronzes in ionic melts of the polytungsten salts. Among the new state – of – the art methods for their manufacture, electrochemical synthesis in ionic melts, which  makes considerably better use of existing technologies, is highly productive, based on the discharge of oxyanions of the polytungstates.  

    Keywords: oxide alkali bronzes, alkaline tungsten bronzes, tungsten, molybdenum, nonstoichiometry, tungsten oxides, electroconductivity, electrochromism

  • Some aspects of clustering economy Karelia

    An analysis of papers devoted to the clustering of the economy of the Republic of Karelia. Shows the need to focus on in this case the use of the unique geographical situation of the republic and its re – resource potential ( raw material and intellectual ). Taken into account that for more active clustering economy Karelia must development of its transport and energy infrastructure.

    Keywords: cluster, resource potential, transport and energy infrastructure, economy.

  • Studying of dependence of birth rate of the population from security with the medical personnel and expenses on health care, physical culture and sport by means of econometric models

    One of the most important problems of demographic statistics is studying of natural movement of the population. One of the major indicators of studying the natural movement is the rate of birth. In this article econometric models of linear regression of dependence of birth rate of the population from security with the medical personnel and expenses on health care, physical culture and sport were constructed.The importance of the constructed models and their parameters is checked, the forecast becomes.

    Keywords: birth rate of the population, demographic policy, econometric models, multiple and pair linear regression, importance of model