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  • Nanotechnology for new materials

      In article the review of achievements of the scientific different countries in the field of creation of nanomaterials for 2012 is presented.

    Keywords: nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, nanoparticles

        The authors propose a method for determining the height of bus rollover to access body structure strength according to the Rules the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe № 66 (UNECE). Besides, it will allow to result in optimum value height of bus rollover with different dimensions. It is necessary to get more reliable information of body structure strength. For this purpose in procedure of tests it is suggested to enter the additional stage of calculation of the height of rollover before setting of transport vehicle on a rollover platform.

    Keywords: The bus, safety of bus construction, strength, deformation, a centre of mass.

      At present the results of a visual inventory of most of the water bearing structures in Russia is in a state that requires a major overhaul. Practice shows that, after this period of time, facilities continue to operate without being replaced by new ones, and sometimes even without a thorough reconstruction, to restore and reconstruct the existing structures on the basis of emerging new and previously used reliable technology. The object of the study was considered Tashla underwater pipeline right-Yegorlykskaya channel. In the numerical formulation of mathematical experiment task was to scientifically determine the reliability of structures for such a long life (50 years), with different types of defects and damage. All calculations were performed on a certain software product SolidWorks, which is based on the method of finite elements and superelements.

    Keywords: hydraulic structures, water-conducting channels, inverted siphons, non-destructive inspection methods, modeling, technical condition.

      The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

      In article the key parameters necessary for an assessment of a residual resource are considered and the conclusion, about lack of an effective method of an assessment of a residual resource for hydraulic engineering constructions is drawn. An overall objective of carrying out operational monitoring of a technical condition of water carrying out constructions are identification of deterioration of degree of physical wear, the reasons causing their condition, the actual operability of elements and development of actions for providing their various operational parameters, and also the description of a technical condition. The risk of failures and defects on vulnerable objects which many water carrying out constructions - tunnels, channels concern, dyuker, lotkovy channels and pipelines is most dangerous.

    Keywords: the hydraulic engineering constructions which are water carrying out channels, nondestructive control methods, a residual resource, modeling, a technical condition.

      Based on the analysis of European in forming technological platform shows the feasibility of forming the national technological platform for the forest sector in Russia.

    Keywords: European technological platform, the forest sector, forest industry

      The results of the apparatus criticus of the innovative management analysis are presented from a problem-solving position of the results appraisal and work effectiveness of the personnel at different phases of the innovative process, the author's position is done to specify the main definitions and references.

    Keywords: evaluation (appraisal) of the labour results, labour productivity(effectiveness), staff (personnel), management, innovation, innovative process and cycle, innovative activity

      The review of the researches which are carried out in Petrozavodsk the state university in the field of improvement of a wood cargo transportation.

    Keywords: motor transport, road trains, modeling, optimization

      For the previously proposed microphone system with adaptive control algorithm was investigated directional characteristic accuracy of the determination the angle of the sound source. The dependences of the absolute deviation on the angle of signal arrival of the sound source, defined by the spread of sensitivities directional microphone system were received.

    Keywords: adaptive algorithm, microphone system, accuracy of localization, control characteristic orientation, directional microphone, space-time processing

      An intensive method of disposal of cattle farms in a single cycle, to produce non-conventional source of energy (biogas) is proposes. Comparative characteristics of biogas at various ways of heating the biomass and the different types of bioreactor are reduced. A scheme of the physical model of the process of methane fermentation are considered.

    Keywords: waste, technology, installation, heating, biogas, psychrophilic, mesophilic, thermophilic, temperature, energy source

      The paper covers the development of geometry-based skeletal animation algorithms for deforming 3D models. Linear Blend Skinning technique being widely used, much attention is given to the method description and its shortcomings. The paper gives wide coverage to the state of the art in geometry-based skeletal animation algorithms. 

    Keywords: skeletal animation, skinning, geometry-based algorithms, character animation

      Current article presents the results of research, aimed at raising the effectiveness of automatic prosodic analysis of speech. During the research the PC program that performs recognition of seven emotional states using 16 features of speech signal was developed. Effectiveness of recognition of seven emotional states was estimated during the experiment with material of Berlin database of emotional speech. The result showed rising of mean probability of correct recognition, in comparison with known analogs.

    Keywords: speech, intonation, emotions, speech

      The work is devoted to the development of an intelligent system for monitoring high railway embankment, which allows to analyze its condition and make early solutions to manage the safety of vehicles. The main features of the system and its difference from known analogs is taking into account the dynamic effects of vehicles on a high embankment at different climatic conditions. This paper describes the main stages of building the monitoring system, which includes: selection of objects for monitoring, computer modeling of the interaction of the rolling stock and a high embankment, the algorithms required for the development of management decisions. 

    Keywords: high embankments, risk assessment, destruction, monitoring, computer modeling, intelligent system.

      The article deals with the analysis of current legislative mechanisms of state policy implementation in the sphere of energy saving and energy efficiency. A number of crucial measures highlighted needed to ensure fulfillment of federal legislation requirements on energy efficient equipment and products while implementing state and municipal procurement procedures. The article notes problems occurring while implementing those requirements resulting from the absence of energy efficiency criteria and products life cycle cost while assessing and comparing applications. The article analyses the role and capacities of Moscow city which was selected as a pilot region to introduce energy efficiency labels and to ensure legislative and normative framework for order placement for municipal needs on the basis of energy efficiency standards and labels. The article points out that currently valid authority of the city touches on not only effective implementation of federal legislation but also issues related to the development of regional legislative framework. 

    Keywords: energy saving, energy efficiency, label, legislation, normative framework

      Methods of mathematical (geometric) modeling are often used in the current research of multivariate processes and their optimization tasks combined with traditional mathematical methods of experiment planning. This simulation is carried out by methods of descriptive geometry, its practical values a graphical representation of the functional relationships of the quality from factors and parameters that define a process with number of variables more than three. Definition’s algorithms of the optimization based on the Radishchev drawingin the article are given to ensure the visibility of images and solve certain technical problems. The graphical model of the process optimization of joining parts of garments was constructed.

    Keywords: Technological process, optimization, modeling, descriptive geometry, multidimensional space, Radischev drawing, hyperplane, hypersurface, algorithm, factors, parameters

      Methods of mathematical (geometric) modelingare often used in the current research of multivariate processes and their optimization tasks combined with traditional mathematical methods of experiment planning. This simulation is carried out by methods of descriptive geometry, its practical valueis a graphical representation of the functional relationships of the quality from factors and parameters that defines a process with number of variables more than three. Definition’salgorithmsof the optimization based on the Radishchev drawingin the article are given to ensure the visibility of images and solve certain technical problems.The graphical model of the process optimization of joining parts of garments was constructed.

    Keywords: Technological process, Optimization, Modeling, Descriptive geometry, Multidimensional space, Radischev drawing, Hyperplane, Hypersurface, Algorithm, Factors, Parameters.

      In present-day management practice of the competitive industrial enterprise  the priority is given to Lean manufacturing tools, which allow to improve the quality of products or services without capital expenditures, reduce cost and lead time by eliminating waste in inner processes of the company. This article analyzes the dynamics of the main technical and economic indices of KAMAZ, OJSC. The correlation and regression analysis of dynamic series has been conducted by means of production system KAMAZ development indicators. It has been proved that the suggested methods of Lean manufacturing management contribute to waste reduction, effective resources management and personnel activation.

    Keywords: lean manufacturing, lean production, kaizen

      In given article the design procedure of a matrix of a feedback on a vector of coordinates of a condition is offered. In its basis association of two problems is necessary. The first is the problem of indemnification of zero of own and mutual transfer functions of the system, the second - a problem of maintenance of monotony of course of processes in system. Problems such as also can be solved: a problem decoupling and a problem of maintenance astatic channels of control. Updating is understood as reception of a ratio in a general view for a matrix of a regulator of a feedback of system of modal control. The received system provides monotony of the transitive characteristic due to indemnification of set of zero of own and mutual transfer functions in system of modal management. From the technological point of view the system provides absence перерегулирования at course of technological process. The offered decisions in suggested article can be used in various areas of a science and techniques. 

    Keywords: modal control, indemnification of zero, updating of algorithm of calculation of a feedback, monotony of the transitive characteristic

      The analysis of the effectiveness of duration of electric vibration treatment of foam concrete mixture is carried out. The optimum fraction of filler for preparation of foam concrete mixture processed by variable electric field is defined. The influence of a type of cementitious matter by means of a comparison of domestic cement and Turkish (CEM I-42,5R) cement is analysed. It is established that at a short-term electric vibration treatment of foam concrete mixture there is a consolidation of the material of interporous partitions that leads to some increase in strength of foam concrete.

    Keywords: Grain-size distribution, interpore partition, electric vibration treatment, ductility of slurry, clear portland cement, sinthetic frother, treatment efficiency

      This article consider of the purpose appointment, structure construction and principles functions airborne information-navigation complex (AINC) spacecraft (SC) «Glonass-K».

    Keywords: Airborne information-navigation complex (AINC), SC «Glonass-K», satellite radio navigation system (SRNS) GLONASS, L1SF/L1OF, L2SF/L2OF, L3OC

      The simulating applications are considered when mobile bloodflow monitor designing. Doppler techniques simulating, circuitry simulating and insonation object modeling are presented. The results of simulation are approved during experiments, and results of modeling are applied when receiving and transmitting path of mobile bloodflow monitor testing and piezotransducer parameters experimental estimating.

    Keywords: Simulating, mobile bloodflow monitor, Doppler techniques simulating, circuitry simulating, insonation object model

    We demonstrate the effectiveness of use for analysis and synthesis techniques of patentable subject-functional process analysis, the recommended sequence of rational analysis to the formation of the final stage of patentable technical solutions. 

    Keywords: analysis, invention, synthesis, object techniques, patents

      Methodology of functional and technological analysis is supplemented with allowance for patent information concerning barking equipment, innovative modernization matrix of barking equipment designs for timber group processing is described, and guidelines for barking equipment improvements are indicated.

    Keywords: wood, bark, timber, barking, barking drum