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Inspection of bridge structures with the help of modern equipment


Inspection of bridge structures with the help of modern equipment

Makarov A.V.,Kroshneva E.V., Faizaliev A.F., Pavlova M.A., Lepekhina D.M.

Incoming article date: 25.05.2021

More than 42 thousand bridges on highways are operated in Russia. Most of the bridge park was built in the past years. Bridges are getting old, accumulating destruction and defects and gradually cease to meet the requirements for safety, durability and load capacity imposed on them. It is necessary to spend a lot of effort and money on maintaining a stable working condition of all operated bridges. The use of modern surveillance tools will save financial and time resources. Such means of monitoring and collecting information can be unmanned aerial vehicles: various types and designs of quadrocopters and drones. A quadrocopter inspection of one of the city's overpasses showed high efficiency and quality of the information received. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to judge the technical condition of the object. Of course, the particularly dangerous defects identified during the inspection should subsequently be examined by a specialist to make a final decision. The article presents the photographic materials obtained by the modern method of data collection, the advantages of using quadrocopters in the survey of bridges and the technical characteristics of the equipment.

Keywords: operation of structures, inspection, bridge structures, quadrocopters, drones, defects, destruction,bridge bed