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Analysis of forest machines production in Russia


Analysis of forest machines production in Russia

Kuznetcov A. V., Galaktionov O.N.

Incoming article date: 28.02.2023

At present time, there are attempts to design and produce forest machines of highly-demanded classes in Russia. The paper evaluates the efficiency of forest machines under identical operating conditions. The analysis showed the possibility of using harvesters and forwarders of joint Belarusian and domestic production for logging works as an alternative to foreign forest machines. Evaluation of proposals revealed advanced Russian and Chinese models of forest machines. The research showed that in our country there are prerequisites for the development of forestry machine-building, while the main problem is the lack of production technologies for the manufacture of modern technological equipment and components. Under these conditions, the evolution of production on the national territory of forest machines and technological equipment without involving domestic or foreign capital and innovative technologies is a difficult task.

Keywords: domestic forest machine building, development prospects, forest machines, production