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Installation for the preparation of emulsion and suspensions


Installation for the preparation of emulsion and suspensions

Kudryavtsev P.G., Kudryavtsev N.P.

Incoming article date: 22.08.2018

Installation for the preparation of emulsions and suspensions refers to devices intended for the preparation of disperse systems. It can be used in the synthesis of polyhydric alcohols and other organic and organometallic compounds, where the immiscible liquids interact. The installation comprises a hydraulic jet mixer pump connected to the outlet of a hydromechanical dispersion pump. The installation comprises one or more components of the dispensing systems, each of which consists of a supply container and the dispenser. Technical result of the installation is created by intensifying the process of mixing and improving the quality of the final products.

Keywords: technological installation; emulsion; suspension; preparation of emulsions and suspensions; intensification of heterophase processes