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The approach to evaluating DLP-systems using fuzzy logic


The approach to evaluating DLP-systems using fuzzy logic

Ajdinyan A.R., Tsvetkova O.L.

Incoming article date: 23.10.2017

Currently, the software market offers a multitude of diverse DLP-systems designed to protect confidential information from leaks. Since such systems have a relatively high cost, it is advisable to select the optimal option before acquisition and implementation, as incorrect selection will lead to unnecessary costs and ineffective control of information. The paper describes the base of the rules of the fuzzy inference system, designed to evaluate the DLP-system. Practical use of the proposed fuzzy system allows to perform a reasoned choice of such a DLP-system that most fully meets the requirements of a particular organization and provides the required level of protection of information from leaks. At the same time, the evaluation is performed according to several criteria, the values ​​of which, based on expert estimates, are input variables of the fuzzy inference system. At the output of the system of fuzzy inference, a comprehensive evaluation of the DLP-system is formed, which reflects the degree of its suitability for implementation at a particular enterprise.

Keywords: Information security, data protection, protection of confidential information, DLP-system, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, fuzzy inference system