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Design and modeling of three-loop control system of an electromagnetic bearing


Design and modeling of three-loop control system of an electromagnetic bearing

Titov V.G., Kuzmenkov A.N., Shahov A.V.

Incoming article date: 17.07.2015

Purpose: In the first part of the article gives analysis of the impact of various types of the regulators (PI controller, relay and relay operating in sliding mode) on the quality of the transition process in the current loop. It is shown that the best performance in speed and overshoot has a relay regulator operating in sliding mode. In the second part of the article describes a three-loop control system of an electromagnetic bearing gas blower with the capacity of 16 MW The methodology of the work : to calculate the regulator used the method of transfer functions. A switch regulator operating in the sliding mode is used as a current regulator, and to determine the parameters of the speed controller and of the position controller, adjustment onto the modular optimum is performed. The analysis of the transition processes in the three-loop control system is performed in «MatlabSimulink» software. Results: in the result of modelling the electromagnetic bearing control system, transient phenomena by controlling and perturbation actions are obtained. The results are used in the construction of the control system electromagnetic bearing blower pumping unit at the compressor station «Pomarskaya»

Keywords: electromagnetic bearing, three-loop control system, the current loop, relay regulator, modular optimum.