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Hybrid epoxy-amine hydroxyurethane-grafted polymer


Hybrid epoxy-amine hydroxyurethane-grafted polymer

Figovsky O., Birukov O., Leykin A., Shapovalov L.

Incoming article date: 27.05.2016

Cured linear hybrid epoxy-amine hydroxyurethane-grafted polymer are preparedby novel structure with lengthy epoxy-amine chains, pendulous hydroxyurethane units and a controlled number of cross-links. These hybrid polymers combine increased flexibility with well balanced physical-mechanical and physical-chemical properties of conventional epoxy-amine systems and may be used, for example, for manufacturing of synthetic/artificial leather and sport monolithic floorings. US Patent Application 14/296,478, filed June 05, 2014.

Keywords: linear epoxy-amine chains, hybrid hydroxyurethane-grafted polymers, synthetic nonisocyanate leather.