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Methods of multirate signal processing in distributed sensor networks


Methods of multirate signal processing in distributed sensor networks

A.Yu. Linovich

Incoming article date: 29.04.2014

A problem of signal estimation (or estimation of some parameters of the signal) based on measurement results obtained by means of distributed sensor network is considered. The system formed by spaced sensors called nodes (or motes) obtains information about a stochastic process. It is supposed that there is a single source of the information and the distortions are linear.
Every node gets incomplete and distorted knowledge about the observed process and operates on the low sampling rate. Combined processing of the information obtained from the different sensors makes possible to perform the integrated estimation which is usually much more accurate.
The application of the information performance criterion provides high robustness in the presence of the noise and the measurement uncertainty and, theoretically, gives the most complete information, while the measurements have severe constraints.
Due to the multirate signal processing it is possible to decrease requirements on sensor’s sampling frequencies, to reduce the channel loading and the current consumption of sensors. Furthermore, the computational load falls in real-time applications.

Keywords: multirate signal processing, sensor, node, mote, information, stochastic process