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Green nanostructured biodegradable materials Short Review Part I


Green nanostructured biodegradable materials Short Review Part I

Figovsky O., Beilin D.

Incoming article date: 03.03.2016

The article presents abrief overview of the work in producing and studying of environment friendly nanostructured polymeric composites. Preparation technology and main applications of the nanocellulose (NanoCell) is described. Novel environment friendly hydrophobic polymer composites were developed. These compo¬sites consist of a thick layer of cellulose substrate and a thin protective layer of a biodegradable polymer. Various types of the layer composites and their applications in production of packaging materials are described. The proposed biodegradable nanocomposite coating increases strength of the natural packaging materials and serves effective barrier against water and grease. Wastes of the novel polymer materials can be utilized in two ways: by repulping and by biodegrada¬tion. Widespread usage of the proposed polymer compo¬site materials will bring about an improvement in the ecological state of the environment. Method for preparation of the reactive nanocellulose biocarrier and discussion about its biomedical and cosmetic applications are described as well.

Keywords: : nanocellulose, biocarier, biodegradable materials, nanocopmosite polymer coating, packaging materials , ecological safety