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Study of the dynamics of washing machines in the spin cycle


Study of the dynamics of washing machines in the spin cycle

A.G. Sapronov, S.N. Alehin, S.P. Petrosov

The questions devoted to the study of influence of mass textile articles vibroaktivnosti drum type washing machine with a horizontal axis of rotation at a centrifugal spinning. Feature of research is accounting change in mass production during the spin cycle when calculating the amplitude of transverse vibrations, including during acceleration and passing the resonance zone. The object of investigation used a modern model of household washing machine. Initial operating parameters were varied, based on the actual values ​​for the machines of this type. In a paper on the study the graphs, the analysis of the data obtained. The results can be used to study the dynamics of washing machines to improve their vibration isolation systems.
Keywords: Washing machines, dynamics, vibration amplitude, the influence of mass products.