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New developments in housing construction abroad Part III


New developments in housing construction abroad Part III

Figovsky O.L., Shteinbok A.Z.

Incoming article date: 09.09.2020

Development is a necessary component of the processes taking place around us, without which it becomes impossible to improve the quality of our lives. In this article, we will focus on innovations in construction, but only those that are not just an innovation, but rather a necessary component that allows you to bring the process and economy of construction to a higher level, and, simply put, are the engine of development of the industry. So, let's look at a few innovations that, when used in mass production, can significantly simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of building construction.

Keywords: construction, innovation, 3D printing, modular construction, innovative bricks, concrete, plastic, hybrid structures, wood, hollow elements, plastic, composite sleepers, foundations, cladding, aluminum, ceramics, green construction, eco-floating houses