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On the scientific priority of Perm scientists in modeling the "psychology" of human digital twins


On the scientific priority of Perm scientists in modeling the "psychology" of human digital twins

Figovsky O.L.

Incoming article date: 23.07.2020

The paper describes the main scientific results obtained under the guidance of Professor O. G. Pensky from Perm. The results are devoted to mathematical modeling of the behavior of the so-called digital twins, which are psychological analogs of a person. The paper formulates theorems describing the dangers of artificial intelligence to humans from a psychological point of view and proposes general models of dialectical development of the virtual world for digital twins. The paper describes the research of mathematical models developed together with the Israeli scientist O. L. Figovsky. These models are designed to calculate the coefficients of the influence of one person on another and make it possible to determine the degree of their mutual influence during their communication. It also reports on research into algorithms for intuition, insight, and hypnosis of digital twins. The article describes the difference between the studies carried out by the group of Professor O. G. Pensky and the research of its predecessors.

Keywords: psychology of robots, human digital twin, psychological characteristics, mathematical models, dialectics, human society, artificial intelligence, robot safety, mutual influence of robots, temperament of digital twins