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Integrated three-axis tunneling micro-accelerometer


Integrated three-axis tunneling micro-accelerometer

Denisenko M.A., Isaeva A.S., Rakhmatulin A.Sh., Popov V.D.

Incoming article date: 18.05.2020

The article describes the design of the integral micromechanical sensor of linear accelerations of the capacitive type; A construction method is briefly described using the self-assembly operation based on controlled self-organization of mechanically stressed semiconductor GaAs / InAs layers. The design of the capacitive accelerometer was modeled in the CAD system ANSYS, where static and modal analysis were performed. The results of mathematical modeling meet the requirements of modern micromechanical accelerometers, and allow them to be used for the further development of structures of this type. The obtained data can be used in particular for calculating the recommended parameters in the development of methods for designing capacitive sensors of angular velocities and linear accelerations and for developing more accurate models of MEMS structures.

Keywords: MEMS, microelectromechanical system, accelerometer, modeling, design, sensor, sensor, mathematical model