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Strength study depending on water-cement content


Strength study depending on water-cement content

Kozhnikova C.A., Gadaborsheva T.B.

Incoming article date: 06.06.2017

To date, almost none modern construction site can do without the use of cement. Ease of use and financial accessibility make this material indispensable for most construction works. Therefore, it is very important that the cement stone obtained during construction meets the necessary requirements when erecting construction projects. The theoretical aspect of the issue of dependence of the water-cement ratio on strength is considered in the article. A number of experiments were performed, taking into account the experience of other researchers with the aim of determining the reliability of data, obtained earlier. The results obtained during the experiment confirmed that the increase in water-cement leads to a decrease in the strength of the cement stone.

Keywords: Cement, water, water-cement ratio, active cement, concrete, sand, strength, compression, dispersion, Portland cement